Monday, April 13, 2015

1471 Hillary for Champion

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1471 Hillary for Champion

This stiff wants to be America’s champion? Fine. Get her a box of Wheaties and a Babe Ruth mask and let her swing her big bat all over the land.

America doesn’t need a champion any more than it needs a tea party and its young and restless.  It needs a President. And no one who has announced for a major party nomination is worthy of the title, let alone the job.  For that matter, neither are most -- if not all -- of the people “everyone expects” will eventually announce.

First let’s clear the air about Grandma Clinton and the three jobs she’s had since you first heard of her: First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State.

The first lady does nothing.  Oh sure, Mrs. Roosevelt and Mrs. Johnson and even Mrs. Eisenhower had their little causes.  Nancy Reagan’s big job was keeping her beloved Ronnie as close as awake as he could get.  

Hillary Clinton as first lady was so busy standing by her man and trying to bigfoot congress on health care reform that she might as well have gone on vacation for eight years… which maybe she really did.

As a US Senator, she made sure the roads in Chappaqua were more or less free of potholes while campaigning on the winning premise that she wasn’t Rick Lazio.

As Secretary of State she was queen of the telephone. She operated at State like she was the psychic hotline in reverse.  Everyone heard from her.

In her favor: the Benghazi screwup was the fault of the Republican-dominated congress which cut the security budget.  Yeah, yeah, lives were lost.  But lives are being lost every hour of every day… many of them in wars she supports.  THAT’s a problem, not a handful of people in a Libyan hick town.

America is its own champion.  If we weren’t, there are always Serena Williams, Muhammad Ali, until recently the Atlanta Braves, the Pittsburgh Steelers, whoever won the most recent national spelling bee and Gene Autry's horse.

We need someone who can untie or cut the knot that congress has become.   Someone who can help close the wealth gap without taxing everyone else out of existence… get our troops back home from at least some of the wars we’re fighting… ferret out bad cops and reward good ones.  Ferret out bad teachers and reward good ones.  End the freeloading charter school drain on public education funding.

It can’t be that difficult once he or she disembowels the dummies who are trying to disembowel the rest of us.

Hillary combines all of the vices of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton and the virtues of neither.

Not to mention she’s running a close second to Nancy Grace and may soon overtake her as most obnoxious person on the planet.

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