Wednesday, April 06, 2016

1626 Return of the Stars and Bars

The South won the civil war.  And it now runs the country with the advice and consent of its occupied territories in the west and southwest and pockets of other traitors elsewhere.  Maybe it’s time for the remaining sane states to form a new country.

North Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia are re-segregating the public bathrooms.  They’re narrowing the definition of marriage to suit a particular theology. They view separation of church and state by putting church above state. That’s not the kind of separation we should be talking about.

And they’re adding to it not by “establishing a state religion” but by ruling which ones are acceptable and which aren’t.

They are deciding how to block eligible voters from voting.

They are presenting people like Cruz and Rubio and Jindal, Huckabee, Fiorina, Carson and Graham as potential presidents.  Oh, here in the Other America, we have out blockheads, too. Trump, that pillar of capitalism? Kasich, the phony, tantrum- throwing, anti woman, anti government “conciliator?”  Governor Doublewide who belongs in the same schoolyard as Trump but hides it better?

Confederate staties in sleeper cells behind enemy lines.

President Obama was right when he railed against the people who hide their insecurities and sometimes their pathologies behind god and guns.  He could have added mountainside meth labs and moonshine, but he stopped too soon.

And you may recall that the industrial revolution didn’t hit the south until big business figured out that segregation was more or less tamed, at least legally, and that union busting was easier there than in what we now call the rust belt.

Those factories that crank out foreign- badged cars, furniture and what’s left of US- made clothing are no strangers to moving when moving is expeditious.  Those big banks in North Carolina could operate out of a shoebox in Delaware where they’re already incorporated.  Maybe moving day has arrived.

Few companies want to be thought of rooted in a place that’s anti woman, anti poor, anti black, anti Muslim, anti Hispanic, anti Jewish and has remaining grace notes of anti Irish and anti Italian?

But don’t be disheartened, y’all. You can always grow cotton.  Build your own wall on the Mexican border. Elect Crazy Cruz -- or even better Joe Arpaio --  president; put back all those Confederate battle flags and monuments to your heroes. They are, as you keep telling us, symbolic of your heritage.

“Oh, but we’re not all like that,” they’ll say.  True. But you’ve ceded control of your governments to those who are.”

“Oh, it’s not just the Republicans,” they’ll say.  Yeah it is.  The Democrats have their problems and their liabilities, too of course.  But at least they’re trying to remain rooted in the current century and the real American values of mutual support, nationhood and compromise along with a physical and moral  infrastructure to support it.

So, let ‘em have it.  Let them have their microgovernment and their “States’ Rights” and their theocracies. Let them abolish medical care and family planning for the poor.  Eventually starvation and disease will set in and thin the herd.

For the Neo Confederates, an entreaty:  Please make your capital Atlanta.  Richmond already stinks up the air without you adding to it.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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