Friday, July 30, 2021

MINI 029 Infrastructure

 If you don’t know where this is, shame on you.


So now we have a great leap forward on infrastructure spending.  They might be able to fix a bridge or two… buy some rail cars and buses. Maybe drag rural America out of the 1980s version to high speed internet. Fix a pothole or two. Maybe rid a few local highway agencies of nepotism, no-shows and corruption.


There were great celebrations when enough Senators held their noses and decided they could consider the legislation to fix up the stuff that keeps America moving.  It took some doing.


Now, the hard part.  Every two bit politician wants a piece of the action, and no one wants a nickel spent on the district next door. This is the real bipartisanship of the currently elected.  Party doesn’t matter when the folks ten miles away get something you don’t.


A beach erosion prevention grant on either coast will set the cotton district and grain district growers into fits because “hey, where’s our share?”  Of course, that can work both ways.


The folks of New Jersey will be demanding a fix for the boardwalks and spew jealous rages when someone’s peanut farm or chicken district in Georgia gets new sprinkler systems.


Eventually these geniuses will work out some kind of deal and the proposal will pass -- haltingly and with great fanfare. How much resemblance will the newborn look like its parents?  Not much.

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