Monday, May 07, 2007

Dead Presidents/Bonaparte's Retreat

238 Dead Presidents or Bonaparte’s Retreat

It’s a song, not a fact of history.

It should be the song of the current White House, where the draft-dodging, drunken Chief-in-Chief always speaks in tones formerly reserved for anonymous dirty phone calls at three o’clock in the morning.

They’re getting ready to “cut and run,” as they like to say about those of us who oppose the imbecile war in Iraq.

They’ve got Howlin’ Wolfowitz, Rasputin Rove and “You can call me Al” Gonzo Gonzales one notch away from the firing squad. But they don’t have Osama anywhere near one.

They’ve got Bill Casey wannabe Dick “Buckshot” Cheney. They’ve got Condi (I’m proof ANYONE can get an advanced degree) Rice.

They’ve put their churches in charge of your health and welfare,

They’ve made moving targets of your sons and daughters. They’ve made stationary targets of every office building over 10 stories.

And now, they’re in stall mode until they can hightail it back to Texas and California and all those fields of poisoned soil that sprung ‘em.

And look at the glorious choices they have left behind. Rudy and Mitt and John, Fred, Tommy. Makes you long for Bobdole Bobdole, doesn’t it?

That rock of journalism, the “Globe” is reporting that Bush has been kanoodling with Condi, that he’s in full-drunk mode, and that first lady Laura is living in a hotel, and will walk out on the Prez six months after the end of his term.

Another retreat.

But it’s not just war and imposing their religion on the rest of us the Bushies are leaving behind. They’re leaving behind an economic mess of monumental size.

The derivative markets (and please run at top speed from anyone who tells you he understands them,) are going to implode.

The stock market is WAY overheated. The infrastructure is crumbling, as is the country’s information and data system. Underemployment is the new unemployment. Education is eating its young. And the remedy for these afflictions? More of the same toxic waste that caused them.

There’s more deregulation coming (we haven’t learned a thing.)

And lovers of compound interest, welcome to compound gloom. The other side of the aisle is no help. Look at who we’re asked to choose among: Hillary, whom no one likes, not even the people who agree with all of her positions (whatever they may be today,) Barak, who says nothing at all, Hairdo Edwards and a bunch of equally unimpressive Democrats.

If we draft Mike Bloomberg and by some off chance he wins, we’ll all have to get microchips implanted in our heads so he can keep track of us. But at least the speeches will be short and you’ll understand them, if they don’t put you to sleep. And at least the guy wears a flight suit because he has a pilot’s license, not to show off on an aircraft carrier.

Is there anything in the Constitution that says we have to choose a President from among the living?

If not, Norman Thomas, Roosevelt(s – any of the three of them whose names you know) call home.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2007 WJR

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