Friday, May 25, 2007

Public Enemies

#246 Public Enemies

The President and Draft Dodger In Chief has come up with a "Public Enemies" list. But he hasn't disclosed all of those he put on it.

He did mention Osama and Company as "Public Enemy Number One." But that's where he stopped. Now it's entirely possible he stopped because he doesn't know which number comes next. (It's two, according to reliable authorities in the world of mathematics including retired bank president Paul Wolfowitz.)

But a raid on Rasputin Rove's secret files gives us a leg up on the rest of the bad boys. Herewith is the list, along with the reasons they're there.)

#2. Ted Kennedy (Has done nothing right since driving off a bridge.)

#3. Hugo Chavez (cut into Bush family oil profits by nationalizing everything in Venezuela but Wal-Mart.)

#4. The New York Times (No explanation necessary.)

#5. TIE: Bill and Hillary Clinton. (No explanation necessary.)

#7. The rest of the "Democrat Party" presidential candidates. (Including Al Gore) (Reasons vary.)

#8. TIE :John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani. (Not REAL Republicans.)

#10. ABC News (Spilled the secret beans on the plan to screw with Iran.)

#11. The UN (Islamist-kissing minority third world nations that want to loot the US.)

#13. The Jews (insufficient support for Israel.)

#14. This blog and the radio program associated with it (aid and comfort to the Democrats.)

#15. The Texas Rangers baseball team (only turned a profit when the Bush family sold interest.)

As soon as the Wessays team got this far, our agents were surprised by a $7.00 an hour security guard who turned them over to the Department of Justice for prosecution as perpetrators of a "third rate burglary." Hence, we don't know the rest of the list. But as soon as our guys (all ex-CIA a former actress from "Law & Order C.I" and The Real Giselle of the NYPD) get out of jail, we'll extend their tour of duty and send them back to Rove's safe.

The Roly Poly one cannot watch the closet at all times. Even with a hidden camera. Plus, if it was good enough for Nixon, it’s good enough for us.

At least we got into the top 15. To our astonishment and disappointment, we were not in the top ten. But at 14, we are in some pretty good company, though we probably would have put Verizon, Cablevision and the Red Sox higher than our own ranking.

We would also have thought the Washington Post, Canada, TGIF Fridays Restaurants, Colin Powell and Charles Darwin would have made the important end of the list, and maybe rap/hiphop music and Rolls Royce. But we have what we have.

So, while Frat Boy didn't name the rest of the names on the list, we've gone a ways toward doing that here.

Another public service from the column that asks the question, "What the hell's going on in this country, anyway."

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2007 WJR

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