Friday, May 09, 2008

#396 Navel Gazing

#396 Navel Gazing

This blog was originally going to stop after maybe 100 or 150 entries. Here we are at nearly 400 of them, and it's still going strong. Well, it's going, anyway.

Looking over the past 40 or 50 of the posts, I kind of scratch my head and think "maybe this has outlived its usefulness. Maybe, I don't have anything more to say." It seems forced and manufactured to me, so It may to you, too. It's too much navel gazing.

So rather than labor to put out 1500 to 2,000 words a week, and make them either fun or thought provoking or interesting or different, I'm going to cut 'em down to one entry each week, and put them out Saturdays, when there's not much else going on. After all, you probably don't read the Saturday paper, don't watch CNN or the Nightly News, and don't listen to talk radio, unless you like the "Home Fix Up Hour" or "The Merry Gardener." (There hasn't been a decent talk show on Saturdays since "Bloomberg On The Weekend" shrunk, anyway.)

So, see you back here on Saturday, May 17th. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Well Wes,
I sure havn't read all of your blogs, but I have read most of the recent ones. I've not blogged. When I have a decent theme for a rant, I might write up a notepad or Word document, and leave it in a folder somewhere. They never leave my PC. This is because I notice some darn thing or another that drives me nuts enough to jot down a few notes and get it of my chest. I suspect Blogs serve this purpose.

I'm a bit of an idealist, and it's a bit frustrating to see that we as a people are still so damn stupid. Well, Sir, I just suspect that in your experience you've seen so much stupidity that you're at 396 and could keep on going, and going, and going.

Switch gears a little. Take a break. I'll tune in and check out Wessays on occasion. There's always the radio show!

Nick Ciavatta said...

Wes,I'm glad you decided to just "cut back" on your blogging. For a minute there I thought you were retiring from your noble commentary.

In any case, keep it up!

P.S. I really miss the "real" Bloomberg on the Weekend.

pipskippy said...

I'm with you, man, though I never sensed that you were running out of ideas. Blog collaboratives may be the wave of the future, that way it can be an everyday thing but never strain anyone - sort of like Huffington I guess. Keep up the good work.

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