Friday, May 30, 2008

#403 Beam Me Up, Scotty

#403 Beam Me Up, Scotty

A lying scuzzball in the Bush administration? That ain't news.

A lying scuzzball in the Bush administration who admits it? THAT's news!

Former press secretary Scott McClellan has written the umpteenth pre-conviction memoir in the past eight years.

"What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception" does have some fine print. McClellan says he didn't know that he was lying when he lied, he was lied to. This from the Spinner-in-chief.

Better late than never, Scotty, baby.

His successor, Dana "I Know Nothing" Perino, true to her Stalag 17 Sergeant Schultz demeanor says the President probably won't say much about all this, because he has more important issues on his mind. Yeah. Like getting his successor to pardon him. The rest of the crime family has plenty to say, none of it good. The liars Scotty blames deny the whole thing. Rove, Libby, you name him/her/it.

All Presidents lie. This one and his brain trust (can there be such a thing in this climate?) apparently lied about Iraq, the outing of a CIA operative for political punishment and who-knows whatall else.

But it's not just lies. It's screwups.

Scotty says Iraq was a screwup. Duh. This is not some left wingnut talking. This is the guy who is in charge of telling YOU what's going on in the west wing. He uses soft words to describe this. Things similar to "ill chosen," and "veering off the path." Not his exact words, because we peasants, as of now, have not been able to see the whole thing.

Disgruntled former employee trying to make a name for himself selling sensation-seeking tell-all memoirs, or a true patriot trying to help both this president onto the right path (not likely -- probably not possible) or doing the same for the rest of us (possible, but unlikely in the same room as the mind-numbing drumbeat this administration plays on its room-filling iPods.)

This is the best expose of its kind since Woodstein's "All the President's Men," which was semi-fictional in some of its aspects, but managed to make the point.

Now comes Scotty who puts into words the actions behind the catch phrase perpetual campaign.

We don't need a perpetual campaign. We don't even need a semi-perpetual campaign.

We need an honest guy in the White House.

It's okay if he's functionally illiterate. The office was made to run even with such people in the Oval Office.

Honest guy with sane policies.

Beam me up, Scotty.


--You used to be a customer, but now you're a consumer. So when you complain about consumables, you are making a "consumer complaint." As in: "I nearly choked to death when I consumed the funnel you sold me."

--We used to have a department of weights and measures now. Now, it's known as the department of consumer affairs. It sounds like for people looking to hook up with, say, a funnel.

--Then there was the insurance consumer who consumed his policy. Got double consumer value for his money. First he burned it, then he ate it.

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Anonymous said...

Scott McClleland was brilliant on O'reiley. Read the mans face: he's honestly trying to get us past the era of 'campaign mode partisanship gone extreme'. Patriot or sensationalist? I say Patriot.

On a related note: If we are to hold our politicians accountable for any reasonable goals, we have to make them commit to specific, measureable goals. In this atmosphere of trying to say as little as possible to avoid the risk of losing potential voters, it is very tough to get a candidate to take much of a 'stand' on anything solid. We as voters have to push harder and much earlier in the process, and in a non-partisan way. We can save the partisanship for an all-out drag-down a month (not before please) the election, can't we?

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