Friday, June 20, 2008

#412 I Don't Care

#412 I Don't Care

You know how reluctant I am to use "I" in these diatribes. But there's no way around it this time. Sorry, but I don't care if you care.

Getting older changes things. Or at least some things. And lately, I find myself caring less and less about the stuff that used to seem terribly important.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to vote for Obama and for all the right reasons. BUT...

I don't care if you don't have good health insurance, pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas (if you're really GETTING a full gallon, which you hae no way of knowing.) I don't care if the earth heats up or cools down, if you can't buy an incandescent light bulb, if breaking energy saving bulbs exposes us to mercury poison, if the unemployment rate is 30 percent in 2015, if the dollar falls, if the stock market falls,
I don't care if the whales are not saved, if I'm 25 pounds overweight, smoke, drink and cuss. I don't care about your great works of charity (are you sure you're altruistic?)

I don't care if your kids can't read, if your turnpike gets sold to a bunch of Europeans, if your beer provider gets sold to a bunch of Europeans. I don't care if the Today Show falls to number 2 in the ratings, if there are hormones in your beef and chemicals in your water or your Barbie Doll, that your flowers don't grow, that your corns and callouses do.

Caring is slightly over-rated. Acting on caring is WAY over-rated.

So, go ahead and put prayer back into school, and make Christianity the state religion in the process. Go ahead and outlaw abortion, gay marriage, pornography, affirmative action, and Social Security. I don't care that our rights are being eroded by the minute by people who claim to want small government but really want more. I don't care if you close down the tobacco industry, flood defense contractors with money. Go ahead, turn the mental ghetto into which Blacks/Jews/Muslims/Hispanics are forced to live.

Go ahead and idolize (in the original sense of the word) your heroes: Reagan, Goldwater, Kennedy, J Lo, P Diddy, M King, Hitler, whomever. And don't restrict yourself to mere mortals, dead or alive. Include your flat screen TV, your Ipod, your Iphone, your PC and your SUV.

Go ahead. Knock yourself out. I don't care.


--I love Olbermann's show and tolerate Chris Matthews'. But these aren't the right guys to put in Russert's chair on Meet the Press. The show needs a news guy, not a commentator, even one on the correct side of things.

--If you buy kosher meat, here's something to avoid: Agri Processors. They're as Kosher as the next guy. But not when it comes to treating their employees.

--Bush is hustling to Iowa. Good job, Georgie. But that won't make up for what you did and didn't do in New Orleans.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.(r)

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Anonymous said...

Every year that passes I care less and less too. I rationalize it with a theory of societal evolution that goes something like: Societies will evolve in the way that produces the most efficient infrastructures (political, social, economic, etc.) to feed themselves as a whole. If individuals are crushed in the process, so be it. Those sub-cultures that 'care', better get out of the way.

Oh, shit will happen, like killer tomatoes, but the system will mutate such as to produce maximum profit with the lowest complaints. In fact, why the hell does the media even report these problems, it's 'negative'. It interferes with growth. (:<

It sucks to once have been idealistic and had high hopes for the future of mankind and our home here on earth.

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