Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horse of a Different Color

#408 Horse of a Different Color

Big Brown wasn't so big the other day, eh? The colt was a sure thing at the Belmont. No chance anyone would top him. Everyone knew that. Um, everyone except the horse.

This was going to be a finger snap. Fortieth anniversary of the last triple crown. Half the guys betting weren't even born when Affirmed crossed the finish line in 1978. Big Brown was the Horse of the Century. Everyone knew that. Um, everyone except the horse.

Big Brown drew the inside straw. Was going to be on the rail. Big Brown didn't need the rail. In fact, Big Brown LAUGHED at the rail. "Who needs your stinkin' rail? I'll win from the outside. Or anywhere in between." Everyone knew that. Everyone but the horse.

The horse that couldn't lose lost. Dead last. That's never happened before. Dead last. The jockey said "I had no horse...." The horse laughed a horse laugh. He said "Mile and a half? I think I'll amble."

They stopped feeding Brown the steroids April 15th. That why he copped a plea out of the gate? Problem with a nail? That the answer? All of a sudden, he didn't give a damn? Horse racing gods saying "...too much bragging, let's teach everyone a lesson?"

The horse doc said he wasn't lame. The jockey said he wasn't listening.

The bookies are grateful. No one bet anything on Da'Tara. Thirty-eight to one in a race starring Big Brown? Waddayou nuts?

This was going to be a low bucks Belmont. No one with any sense put anything on Big Brown. Favorites never win. This favorite was going to win. Big. By lengths and lengths. No one bet this race, you'd have to be a moron.

Mile and half's a huge race, though.

Even so, there's nothing about this horse says he couldn't have done it without breaking a sweat.

So what happened?

From out of nowhere, Brown says "enough. I want some hay." Or "Hey, what the hey." Or "Hay? How about a stroll."

Same thing as the Super Bowl.

The wrong winner.

Only this time, the smart money didn't bet.

And the dumb money cashed in, big time.

Who's bragging now?


--You CAN make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Ask any member of congress about pork and earmarks. Not only can they tell you how to proceed, they can tell you how to steal the purse.

--Purse snatching is illegal. Unless, of course, you're a corporate CEO or a member of any branch of government. You do it, you go to jail; they do it, they get extra stock options, contributions and re-elected.

--Purse snatching of the on-the-street variety is one of the few things still prosecuted democratically. You steal a purse and get caught, changes are you go to jail. And it doesn't matter whether the purse is Gucci, Prada or Wal-Mart.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.(r)
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