Monday, October 20, 2008

464 Mars, Maybe

464 Mars, Maybe

Where are all those socialistaphobics going to go when, as seems likely, that Commie Arab Terrorist Obama gets elected President of the rest of us? It seems almost certain that those who think Social Security is socialism will want to flee from the Great Blue Menace (formerly known as the Red Menace, when "red" meant something else.)

You can almost hear the wires and cell towers humming with calls to United and Allied and the Santini Brothers and all those other moving companies. But where is everyone headed?

Surely, they figure their American Citizenship is being yanked out from under them. Their so-called values are being trashed, their very existence threatened. By one skinny sort-of black guy, at that.

There are all kinds of places they'd be welcome -- to an extent. Utah, Montana, Wyoming? Lots of room there. Get all those self made men and women, JoeSixpacks and Hockey Moms out in the wide open spaces where they can work their freedom loving magic on these depressed areas. Or not. Some people from Utah, Montana and Wyoming have no use for these guys either.

Idaho? Too liberal. Northern New England? Too cold and not all that much room. Mexico? Not likely.

Lots of room in Canada, but the Canadians aren't especially fond of illegals any more than all those self made men and women, Joe Sixpacks and Hockey Moms. (What ever happened to soccer moms?)

Many of them are just going to have to stay put and suck it up -- kind of like the rest of us had to do during the last eight years.

But the real independent self-made socialistaphobis will opt for interplanetary travel. (There's some thought they originally came from other planets in the first place, but there's no hard evidence.

The moon is almost as inhospitable as San Francisco, New York and Seattle, although for different reasons. Plus, it's been rumored that the people who live there now are all Marxists.

Jupiter has the wrong kind of gravity. You'd triple your weight there, and most of these people don't need 50% of their weight on earth.

So, what's close enough, somewhere similar to, say, Idaho or Georgia? Where can you go and automatically weigh less than you do here?

Mars, maybe.


--There are too many of the wrong Alaskans in the news. Palin and Stevens. Palin thinks her nomination was a gift from God and Stevens knows his house was.

--This past weekend was the Republicans' day in the television sun. The real Palin was on Saturday Night Live, joined by look-alike Tina Fey. And Joe the not-plumber was on Fox's Huckabee show, grousing that he has become so famous, he can't work.

--Reagan wanted creation of a weapons system he called "peacekeeper missiles." This may have been the very beginning of Neo Orwellism. The first test firing was in 1983, just in time for 1984.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.(R)
(C)WJR 2008

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