Wednesday, October 22, 2008

465 Projections

465 Projections

Here's the key to understanding and combating the slime campaign that's being waged against America's centrists. Whatever it is the extreme right says? Think of it as projection. Projection in the Freudian sense. That's when you take something bad about yourself and think of it as someone else's quality. Like this: you, Josephine Sixpack, are having lunch at the diner with Henrietta Hockeymom. She is wearing green lipstick. She says the shade of red lipstick you're wearing looks crummy on you.
Henrietta is projecting her lousy sense of color onto you.

Here's another. A radio comedian and conservative commentator says Colin Powell is racist for endorsing Barack Obama for President. Who's the racist? It's projection.

That same comedian and his followers want you to believe the opposition (they don't think of it as the loyal opposition, more about which later) wants to tax you to death. What's the projection? This one's a little tricky. But only a little. By taxing you to death they mean directly suck money out of you. Why? To make the government bigger and more powerful, right? Maybe. What they mean is the so-called liberals in America want you to be subservient to them, and so tax you to the point of dependency. The Comedians want the same thing. But they do it in other ways. What THEY do is make it nearly impossible to succeed by distracting you, by making you focus on mere subsistence. How? By taking away those government programs that allow you the freedom (they're always yelping about freedom,) to concentrate on the important.

If you're scraping by with their privatized health insurance (or have none,) if you can't afford your groceries, your gasoline and your heating fuel, you will spend all your time fixing that instead of oh, say, starting a bank or making widgets in competition with existing widget makers. They don't want you focused on success, they want you focused on subsistence, which translates into having power over your life. So "taxing you to death" is the same as not taxing you at all.

But of course they don't really want you to be tax-free. And they see to it you aren't by starting 10-billion-dollar-a-month wars and trillion dollar bailouts for their screw-up friends. And you can only do THAT with tax dollars.

Now, what about the "loyal opposition." They're projecting when they talk about the "real America." They're telling you if they disagree with you, you're not a real American. Huh? The "real Americans" don't live in places like New York or Philadelphia or Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco (especially San Francisco!,) Miami, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore. REAL Americans live in places like Opelika, Alabama, Sutton, New Hampshire, Provo, Utah and Abeline, Texas.

Projection. Turn what they say on them, and you'll find something akin to the truth.


--Someone has registered a goldfish to vote in Chicago. Things like this used to be cute. But now, they're just grist for the shrill mill the Republicans have going as a way to cast doubt on any and all voters.

--We've come upon an actual, working payphone. It's in a strip mall in a little town in the middle of nowhere. Probably soon be shipped to the tel-com museum, since no one's used the thing in the last ten years.

--Hospitals usually take their time in sending you the bill. But then they make up for it by sending the "second notice" and collection agency threat the same week. Sometimes, they even send the second notice first.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.(r)
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