Friday, July 31, 2009

579 The Obama Game

Not to be confused with the Broadway musical "The Pajama Game."

The pajama game was about clothing. The Obama Game is about anticipating what the right wingnuts will say about the President of the United States now and in the future. Let's start with the latest news: Obama, the professor Gates and the cop Crowley met in the Rose Garden. They talked, it would seem, about racial profiling, prejudice and probably the race results or the baseball results.

Now, let's play The Obama Game, which is a way of looking at how the right wingnuts see the administration and anticipating what they will say and do about what.

First, the latest. The latest is the beer summit with professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley. Three guys meeting in the Rose Garden to talk about race in America. Beer? They're having beer!

Well, there's our first right wingnut prediction: The President of the United States is drinking on the job. No need to verify that one. The White House says it's so.

The President of these United States was drinking on the job. Beer. With the professor and the cop. Now, everything's Jake, except Obama was drinking on the job. (Bush wouldn't do that, would he?)

How can you trust a president who drinks on the job. Not only beer, mind you, but drunk with power!

Then there's health care. There will be an agreement among warring factions, eventually. And the Prez will call it a personal victory, no matter the result. Any Prez would. But what will the wingnuts say? "He tried to turn us into Sweden, and he failed!"

Righties will have a little more trouble spinning the war in Afghanistan, because it's their war, too. But they'll find something to say: "We shouldda bombed them back to the stone age." Sorry, but they never left the stone age.

And maybe, under this administration, they'll capture Osama. The right will celebrate, but will also say it's because Obama is a Muslim and it takes one to catch one.

Anyone have any ideas about how to score this game? What do you say 10 points for each correct answer, five for a more or less right answer, zero for a wrong answer. The game goes on until someone gets 100 points.


--New York's Ultimate Solution to the Homeless Problem is at last out in the open. Free one way tickets to somewhere else. Better, one would suppose than gas chambers, but could that be next?

--What's more troubling than kicking the homeless out of the city? The idea will catch on and other places will start doing the same. Soon, we'll have homeless trading among municipalities.

--Here in Mount Tantamount, PA., the homeless have learned to "pass." For those unfamiliar with the term, it means they comport and dress themselves so as to be taken for "regular" people. Either that, or they're all Anne Frank, living in attics or basements.

I'm Wes Richards. My opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.®
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