Friday, March 19, 2010

678 Leave, Stevie

678 Leave, Stevie

Oops. That should be Steve Levy, the Queens born, Nassau raised lawyer, turned politician, turned Democrat turned Republican and presently the County Executive of Suffolk County, Long Island, New York a job he has held with no particular distinction since 2004, and which followed an equally distinguished career in the county legislature.

Suffolk is a pretty big place. Second largest county in the state and one of the originals. It's more than 2,000 square miles, most of which is water. But it is home to more than 1.5 million people. Suburbs take half the land. Much of the rest is agriculture. And with agriculture, you get farm workers. And with farm workers you get immigrants and with immigrants you get illegal immigrants, and that's where Stevie has staked his claim to fame. He wants 'em out. Big time.

So it only natural that when he first started plotting to become governor, he would cast about for some help. And where better to turn but the TeaPartiers , who have been the object of his affection for months. The final step into the governor's race is to figure out whether a penny pinching anti-immigrant geographical transplant can win in New York as a Democrat.

Fat chance. Even with the sorry excuse for a governor now in office, New York doesn't elect guys like Stevie. So what to do in the lust for office? Become a Republican. A pretty easy transition, it would seem.

Suffolk County has had some notable County Executives. The first, Republican-turned-Democrat H. Lee Dennison, an engineer and a feisty common sense no-nonsense guy led his constituents into the modern age. Another, John V.N. Klein, Republican had policies that youcouldn't pin on a party. Those days are gone.

Here, we have a Democrat in Name Only in such a swoon over higher office that he'll anger the voters who elected and re-elected him, honk off the Conservative Party chairman who wants little to do with him and look like a loser on American Idol who wants the top spot so badly, he'll do anything for it.

In the unlikely event Stevie were to win, he'd be the anti-immigrant governor of a state that was the largest port of entry for legals and illegals in this country's history.

But this is the wrong guy. The only question now is whether he was whoring for office when he ran as a Dem or whether he's whoring now.

Leave, Stevie.


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