Friday, January 21, 2011

812 Hu Dunnit

812 Hu Dunnit

“We are not a threat.” -- President Hu Jintao of the People’s Republic of China, speaking to the US Congress.

Hu is someone worth listening to because right now, he holds all of China’s cards at the international table. Beside the presidency, he’s also general chairman of the Communist Party (where the real power is,) chairman of the Military Commission, and is referred to as the Paramount Leader.

So, what’s showing at the Paramount? “Promises, Promises,” starring Hu Jintao and a cast of around one billion.

During his state visit to the US, Hu has charmed President Obama, and now he’s working on members of congress who want a better record on human rights, assurances that the days of China’s romance with North Korea are over and that he’ll suck on a Barbie Doll to prove there’s no lead in the paint and titanium in the jewelry. It’s also been suggested that he try eating some pet food exports to make sure they’ve removed the anti-freeze.

Oddly, only English speakers in China get to hear what their Paramount Leader says here. CCTV has the speeches on television and the internet. But not in Chinese. And the fair and balanced headline on the People’s Daily on line is “Hu’s US Visit Shapes New Political Civility.”

Hu told a meeting of (self appointed) business “leaders” that his country has saved American consumers billions. Yeah. The average Chinese worker earns between 4500 and 8000 USD a year. The median income here is about 35-thousand. So paying for materials, labor and shipping is still cheaper for American business than making stuff here. Way cheaper.

The US secretary of defense visited Beijing recently. Then he said America has to match China weapon for weapon, lest there be a “calamity.” Translation: They’re going to come over here to destroy our cities and deep fry our dogs.

Officially, we in the US have a “one China” policy. But who can resist a good weapons sale even if it is to the “other” China, Taiwan. One China indeed.

So goes another meaningless, useless and probably phony show of friendship, hosted by and attended by useless politicians. Bread and Circuses. With sesame oil.


--The Bleat Goes On. Season ten of American Idol has hit the air and without Simon Cowell, it’s a total loser instead of just a partial one, punctuated with “singing” that sounds generally like the noises made by sheep or goats. The second best part was seeing Jennifer Lopez, but the real treat was the frequent interruption of the signal from Fox TV.

--The retiring Joe Lieberman is somewhere in the middle of the top ten list of annoying US Senators currently in office, right up there with McConnell, Graham, Grassley, Toomey, Reid, Nelson, Murray, McCain, DeMint and Chambliss. But of all the things he’s misspoken and mis-done over the years, the one that solidified his position on that list is this from August, 2000: “...the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion (n)ot freedom from religion.” Earth to Joe: Yes it does, if not directly then by implication.

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