Friday, August 26, 2011

905 Drug Pushers

905 Drug Pushers

Nice to know the Justice Department is out there protecting us against drug pushers.  Hunts ‘em down in their filthy rabbit holes. Corners ‘em.  Punishes ‘em.  Keeps the streets safe by keeping the borders closed to illegal traffickers. cutting off the supply of cocaine and heroin.   Oh, yeah, and Lipitor, Zoloft, Caduet, Topamax and maybe even the highly dangerous Amoxicillin.

Wait a minute.  Aren’t those last few pharmaceuticals for cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure and infections?  Well, yeah -- they are.  But only if you buy them from your corner drug store or health insurance company’s mail order drug plan.  If you buy them from countries of questionable ethics and technical skills, they’re illegal.  Countries like -- um, well -- Canada.

Now, you may not know any of these lowlifes, peddlers of Lyrica and Darvoset to unsuspecting US customers, but Google does.  Yes, Google.  The cutsie internet search engine turned technological and advertising Behemoth.  Google, the new Microsoft, without which you cannot compute.

So, Google sells advertising on its sites and on your e-mail account and some of that advertising is for pharmaceuticals and some of those pharmaceuticals come from drug stores that are just around the corner in Regina, Saskatchewan or Toronto or Montreal, all hotbeds of illegal drug activity and questionable safety practices (just ask the US drug lobby.)

And maybe you need some of these things.  And maybe you notice they’re a bit cheaper up north.  Or maybe a lot cheaper.  Guess what, podner, you just broke the law and so did Google.  And maybe they won’t go after you.  But they did go after Google, which has been fined 500 Million US dollars for its drug pushing crime.

Where did this stupid law come from?  Well, let’s see.  Could it be lobbyists who own Congress?  Nah.  They wouldn’t do such a thing.  They’re Real Americans just as we are.  The Department of Justice?  Of COURSE not.  They don’t make laws.  They only enforce them.

So you no longer have access to Canadian pharmacies via Google and you’ll pay list price for the overpriced drugs you got for much better prices in Manitoba or Newfoundland.

Google, shame on you, you drug pushing, greedy internet titan, cold and mechanical, uncaring and so cutely decorated as to fooling us into believing you wanted to earn a few bucks from clients and save us a few bucks from the leeches who make, sell and promote the stuff we’re prescribed.

So, now, what’s going to be done with that $500,000,000?


--Although we won’t accept their money, today’s blog was made possible in part by a grant from Meow Mix.  It’s healthy, U-S made and available at your local grocery or pet supply shop.  And it’s what you’ll be able to afford now that you’re going to have to pay list price for your Relafen.

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