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926 The Cult

926  The Cult

The Guy in the Sky, if there is one, must be laughing.  Down here on earth, Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) is keeping his distance from those of his supporters who say “Mormonism is a cult.”  He does this because the fellow who will roll over him like a Sherman tank passing over a blade of grass for the Republican presidential nomination is a Mormon.  This is just politics.  Or is it?

Mitt Romney, in all his technocratic plastic, robotic and teenage girlie temper tantrumosity is no less qualified to be president than the rest of the sorry pack he appears to be leading.  That is to say we’re going to get a bum deal no matter who runs and who wins.

But it’s not because he’s a member of a church with the word “Christ” in its formal name and at the same time is accused of being “not Christian.”  You’d think the name would demonstrate sufficiently the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ view of itself and ward off that kind of challenge.

Actually, the Mormons are at a slight strategic advantage over their accusers.  They have a long history of being mocked, oppressed and isolated.  So reason dictates that at least some among them can transfer lessons learned to others who are mocked, oppressed and isolated.

A cult is nothing but an organization -- usually a pretty zealous organization -- with which you disagree.  Most can be fought on rational grounds.  Resorting to name calling is a last ditch effort of the fearful.

It’s the same kind of crap Al Smith faced when running for President.  It’s the same kind of crap JFK faced when running for President.  Both those guys were Roman Catholic.  And Smith’s era was a little more dignified in its mud-slinging. But just a little.

What about the guys who define Christianity so narrowly as to eliminate anyone but themselves.  Is THAT a cult?

So if you want to oppose Romney as a candidate and as not-conservative-enough, there’s plenty there.  And if you want to oppose him as too-conservative, the reasons multiply like rabbits.

Yes, the LDS church has beliefs and practices that are, well, different.  And they don’t help themselves with the general public by keeping a lot of them secret.  But, then, neither do the Scientologists, the Rosicrucians and the Masons, the Skull and Bones and the police department.


--Here’s a quote from Chairman Joe:  “No Mormon ever called me ‘Jewboy.’”  Not to his face, anyway.

--The hits just keep on coming.  RIP Bill Brown, late of CBS/FM the poster boy for disc jockeys in that format.  Bill was 69.

--RIM should change its name from Research In Motion to RSM, Really Slow Motion.  Another day, another multi-continent Blackberry outage.  CBS on-line Headline:  “Rim Promises Improvements, Users Scoff.”

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