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928 Balkin' Balkanizers

928 Balkin’ Balkanizers

One of the main problems the American left has faced in the last 100 years or so is Intramuralism.  There are more city-states and duchies than there were in pre-unification Italy, pre-unification Greece and post-Tito Yugoslavia combined.

Every now and then, the games stop long enough to get something done.  But mostly, it’s like the Balkans or eastern Europe.  Don’t draw the map in ink, it’s a waste of paper.

And here it comes again.
Occupy Wall Street numbers among its players a small but vocal group of anti-Semites.  Why and why here?  Because, as we all know, the Jews own the banking system and the financial industry.   Oh.  Wait.  We don’t all know that?  Well, that’s okay.  Those who DO know it will be happy to educate you.

New York and Los Angeles, two of the most Jewish cities and two of the most liberal cities and the two most populous cities in America have started showing signs of this particular form of Balkanizing.

As those notorious Jew Lovers at Al Jazeera recently pointed out, there probably are as many anti-Semites in the Tea Party than there are in OWS, but no one cares about that, certainly not the right wing media which have started focusing on all the anti-Wall Street anti-Jewishness.

At the time the Jewish Banker Myth began, there were none.  Now there are a lot.  But no one cultural group is in charge there.  It’s truly an equal opportunity employer, as long as you’re smart enough, sharp enough, greedy enough and don’t get caught.

You can argue until you’re blue-in-the-face that the anti-Semites are but a small and generally unaccepted part of these demonstrations, and you’d be right.  You can argue until you’re blue-in-the-face that there are plenty of Jews on the protest lines, and you’d be right.  But what you can’t argue is that this kind of sub-sub-sub dividing hurts the cause or causes, promotes internal arguments and diverts resources and human energy from the central focus or focuses.


--Watching “Sing Off” is kind of like listening to radio with “pop standards,” jazz or the more earnest “oldies.”  You think you’re back in school as the judges over-analyze just as you do when you hear the announcer name all six members of the Modern Jazz Quartet and their instruments. Just shut up and play the music, ok?

--Viewers of “Playboy Club” who don’t know the show was axed have a little surprise waiting the next time they tune in.  Brian Williams’ new magazine show occupies the spot and NBC has stolen a lot of stars to help, including Harry Smith from CBS, Ted Koppel of Nightline fame and Meredith Vieira who just left “Today,” plus a boatload of new producers from 60 Minutes and elsewhere.  Nice to see someone besides Fox hiring someone besides washed up political hacks.

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