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963 Reunion Fatigue

963 Reunion Fatigue

The seed was planted in 1958.   Since then it has spread like kudzu or Zoysia Grass, covering everything in its path and choking out all other forms of life.  

‘58 was when they announced plans for the following year’s 20th high school reunion.  Then they started reuning every couple of years, but somehow skipped the 50th.  Maybe they had reunion fatigue.  Maybe the organizers decided that if they didn’t like us then, why would they like us now? Maybe there just weren’t enough of us still alive to make renting a hall worthwhile -- or possible.  

But fear not.  There are plenty of other reunions.  Defunct or moribund radio stations, networks and other companies have them all the time.  ALL the time.  At any given moment, there’s a reunion going on somewhere.

Even if you liked your classmates or your co-workers, it gets tiresome.  You’ve heard all the stories before and have become an authority on them.  Or maybe you lived them.  Either way, it’s education-through-immersion.  And it’s a glorification of days that didn’t seem terribly glorious at the time.

Bad food doesn’t negate good company.  But there are limits.

Recently, a card arrived from a well known but quirky institution of higher education.  It said “we missed you at the reunion!”  And then it prattled on about how a wonderful time “was had by all.”  WHAT reunion?

The invitation, evidently, got lost in the mail.  A letter to the alumni liaison person drew a response along these lines:  Yeah, we missed telling quite a few people.  But lucky you, you’re now on our mailing list (again) and we already are planning another one for this year.  Oh, goodie!

How about we hold some of these via video conference?  These days, everyone has a web cam.


--The far right’s current slur against journalism that doesn’t toe the party line is “mainstream media,” (as opposed to what, ex-treme media?)  So if they’re against the mainstream media, are they therefore against the main stream where most of us live?  Yeah, guess so.

--Still more on Lipitor:  Pfizer has sent that precious discount coupon that they said they would and then said they couldn't.  Anyone who thinks corporations are more efficient than government is just plain wrong.  PS: the co-payment for the new generic version is five times smaller than the co-payment for the original.

--The smart phone is getting dumber.  It tracks down your location.  And then it gives you a weather forecast for someplace you’re not.

Have You Noticed... Sometimes, your anti-virus program jams up your computer and you have to do a “hard restart” and when it restarts it asks you if you want safe mode and you don’t know what the hell safe mode is but once you’re in it you can’t get out of it and everything you need is behind some electronic condom?

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