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964 An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann

964 An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann

Dear Keith,
C’mon, buddy, give it a rest.  Sit down and do the show that no one watches and everyone should.  You are giving the rest of us cranky, childish and entitled commentators a bad name.

We who worked at NBC understand how tough things were for you at MSNBC (twice)...  and at Fox and at CNN and at ESPN.  But enough, already.  How long did it take before you started acting up at Current TV?  Three months?  Four?  Those of us who once worked with its new president, David Bohrman generally have trouble feeling sorry for him under any circumstances.  But you’re changing that with your churlishness and expectations that a shoestring operation will look as slick as the big boys after only a few months.

You are probably the best and funniest and most insightful of the current pack of television’s politically liberal analysts and that’s a high compliment with Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the stew.  But stop with the foot stomp, already.

The papers report you don’t talk to your own company except through your agent or your lawyer.  That’s crazy.  They’re paying you a fortune to do stuff you’d probably do for free, given the opportunity.  Complaints about little crap that plague start up networks without big corporate parents are part of the game.  Refusing to participate in primary election coverage is nuts.  Throwing a hissy fit when your show is preempted for that coverage is equally nuts.  And we understand the New York building you picked for your studio and headquarters is a dog.  So do what any New Yorker would do under the circumstances, break the lease and move or put the rent in an escrow account until they fix the place up.

In an era dominated by the likes of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum and Willard Romney, a guy like you is more than necessary.  Get with the program, Keith.


--A move in Greece maybe raises the hopes of the Penn State crowd.  Greece has added pedophilia, exhibitionism and kleptomania to the list of official disabilities and is offering pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs disability pay.  The only question is this: if you have all three “disabilities,” do you get paid triple?

--Home schooling -- often home indoctrination -- denies the student social interaction by experience, reinforces dependence on the teaching parent and implicitly tells the kid others are not important.  It limits the child to one authoritative source of information and opinion and leaves many of them unprepared for life.  And as the fad expands, you can figure it’ll soon spread to higher education, where potential employers are likely to be unimpressed by that sheepskin from the University of Mommy.

Have You Noticed... The merchants of America were almost as quick and early in removing holiday decoration items as they were in putting them up and that if you were looking for a bargain artificial tree or decorations and waited until the first week of January, you couldn’t find any?

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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