Friday, January 27, 2012

971 Voting In Church

971 Voting in Church

We’re having a vigorous discussion about the local polling place, three of us.  It centers on whether it’s constitutional to hold voting in a church or whether that violates of the prohibition against establishing a state religion.

So far, two say no, one says yes.  The outvoted proposes two tests.  Let’s all go to the Board of Elections office and hold a prayer meeting.  Silent, if necessary.  Then let’s see what the population would think if the polling place were a mosque.

That second one is only icing on the cake.  And you know what an uproar that would cause.

But the first one has possibilities. No regalia.  No rings to kiss.  No confessional.  No music.  Just someone sitting there looking clerical, surrounded by devout looking people with their heads bowed.  

If the board people notice at all, their first move will be to come over and ask what’s going on.  “Oh, ma’am, we’re just here praying because our polling place is in a church and we have nowhere else to go right now.”

“You can’t hold religious services here, this is a Government Office!”  And maybe “You are trespassing.”

Maybe we should have a few boxes of neatly folded, clean but out of date clothing at hand in case someone with a need comes along.  Nice to be ready.  After all, what’s a church without a thrift shop or bazaar?

How about a pot luck lunch?  We’d have to break any silence to say grace.  But it would be over with before the clerk could awaken and waddle over to our little gathering.

Hymn singing, though, would be out.  After all, that would be inappropriate use of a government facility, and probably a constitutional violation.

On the other hand, taking over a municipal office isn’t such an evil idea.  After all, they do it to the church, even if the church volunteers its space.

It’s tough to vote your conscience with Jesus looking over your shoulder.


--If you put the four remaining Republican presidential wannabes together in one person, you’d get the perfect teenage girl.  There’s Newt, fighting a weight problem but trying to look feminine while wearing a tutu, the hormonal Mitt, the cruel bully Little Ricky and the “I want everything” Ron. Newt needs Weight Watchers, Mitt needs a “time-out” room, Little Ricky needs the crap beaten out of him and Ron needs a gift card from Macy’s or Bloomie’s.

--The “Republican response” to the State of the Union message brings up an old unanswered question.  When is an address by an officeholder informational and when is it a campaign appearance?  With the broadcasting of a “response,” the answer seems to be “all speeches are campaign speeches.”

Have you noticed?  There are almost as many ads for weight loss programs and products as there are for sleazy lawyers and car insurance companies on TV these days?

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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