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1025 The Donald, the Hero

1025 The Donald, The Hero

Okay, let’s review some earlier points:

☻☛☛ The goal of an institution fast becomes self perpetuation rather than whatever it was it formed to do or un-do.
☻☛☛ Depending on its wealth it succeeds, sometimes medium term, sometimes long term, but never forever.
☻☛☛ This is truer of non-commercial entities (churches, unions, legislative bodies, charities) than it is of corporations.
☻☛☛ The pivotal premise behind this self perpetuation is a combination of greed and the idiot notion that “we are doing God’s work on earth.”

Take a look at the various fraternal societies named for animals, the ever re-forming AFL CIO and any hospital on a building binge.  Or the Vatican, the Crystal Cathedral or any college or university with a scandal or a sudden lack of student population or research grants.

The Tea Party is in ascent right now.  Wait awhile, when it gets big enough, it will divide like the amoeba it is.

We are trained from childhood to respect these institutions.  Who can respect the public school system of the City of New York?  Or the Congress of the United States?

Can you subscribe to the ideas and principles of the Roman Catholic Church, but still diss the Pope and his butler?  Yes, but it’s not easy.

Corporations also believe they’re doing God’s work on earth.  And that’s kind of a reversion to form.   The attitude developed among the industrial titans of the 19th century.  It evolved into something much simpler in the 20th (“We’re here to make money, period.”)  That’s easy enough to understand.   But it’s moving back toward more of what the JP Morgans and the Andrew Carnegies and the Rockefellers believed.

Okay.  We’re all doing God’s work.  (Isn’t that what Al Qaeda believes of itself?)  Therefore, we have a right -- no, we have an obligation to trample the opposition.  Way cool.  That makes Wal-Mart (which is a church in store’s clothing to begin with) and the big banks and telephone companies into worship objects with unquestioned authority.

And it makes guys like Donald Trump into heroes.  Because Trump, for all his baloney, is totally transparent about what he wants:  Money and publicity.  Not necessarily in that order.

It’s nice to have something simple to deal with.  


--Aw c’mon, Mike, we understand you want to make New York a healthier place by doing what government does best: banning and taxing.  But don’t take away our big soda bottles and fountain drinks!  You’re only going to make a black market for 24 ounce Mountain Dews and Slushies from Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester.

--What are you going to do, build checkpoints at the bridges and tunnels?  Make everyone coming in submit to searches for Big Gulps and imported “Gen-U-Ine New York Egg Creams?” Run a deli and bodega posse?

--And what’s next on the Protect The Peasants list, big bottles of beer, fattening full strength milk?  There are 440 calories in a 24 ounce glass of pure orange juice and 200 in the same amount of V-8. Plus, everyone already shops in Jersey and on Long Island where sales taxes are lower and this would give them yet another reason.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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