Friday, June 08, 2012

1028 Obomney

1028 OBomney

By now it’s obvious even to the most dedicated of us that we have kissed a prince and he’s turned into a frog.  And we’re all getting warts.

The Hope and Change President has left us mostly with little hope and with change for the worse.  So what’s a patriotic American to do when given the chance -- which we’ll get later this year?

Be realistic:  the war in Afghanistan is still ours.  The mess in Iraq?  We put our head in the sand and hope thereby to spot an oil reserve... meantime, we’ve given it all over to a bunch of religious fanatics of various flavors and degrees who can’t agree on anything, let alone a government.  Not that it was ours to “give” in the first place.

The economy is not improving.  It’s still traveling in circles, the kind you see when you flush a toilet.  The real unemployment bears no resemblance to the actual number.

The stock market looks like the aftermath of an explosion in the spaghetti sauce aisle.

The banks are counting on more relief, though they won’t admit it.  The bond rating agencies have become the dictators of policy.  Bernanke died on the dance floor two years ago but is so crowded by outstretched hands he hasn’t been able to fall down.

The Gold hawks want a return of those glorious days of yesteryear.  Herbert Hoover is cheering.  

The only alternative anyone’s offered is more of the same.  How much more depends on your candidate.  Obama is a known quantity and if we put him back in the oval office we’re going to get what we’ve already gotten.  Romney?  Same fellow, really, except without the charm or the brains.  But if one can extract a policy direction from the gibberish coming out of his mouth and the vitriol of his surrogates, it’s... more of the same.

Hold your nose and vote?  Hold your nose and don’t vote?  Speculate on the sudden appearance of a magic candidate who will save us all from ourselves? Like who?  A Ross Perot who neither reminds us of Beulah the Witch off her Xanax? A Mike Bloomberg who isn’t preoccupied with trans fats, smoking outdoors and the size of your Pepsi?  Almost seven years ago, this space recommended Judge Judith Scheindlin. No reason to change that now.


--Mini Television Review by Angela Richards:  The View (ABC)  cluckcluck SKWAAAAWK.  Cluckcluk SKWAAAWK.  Makes you want to run out and collect the eggs after your headache goes away.

--Egypt's Mubarak is said to be in "rapidly deteriorating" health.  Independent confirmation is hard to come by.  But shirtless construction workers have been spotted building a new pyramid.

--Another way to prove you're getting old. You see a tall, graceful blonde woman getting behind the wheel of a really, really nice car.  And the first thought that flashes into your mind is “wow... that’s a really really nice car.”

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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