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1072 The Innocence of Willard

1072  The Innocence of Willard

“47% of Americans are (freeloaders...) I’d have a better shot at winning if I were Mexican.” -- Willard Romney, presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

Well, now, at last the guy gives us some straight talk.  And he’s probably speaking from the heart.  Kind of like the Tin Man he always has been.  Good.  Now we know where we stand.

The 47% quote comes from the amateur video shot at a fundraiser last May.  Generally, this Willard guy switches position faster and more often than a porn queen in a three minute clip.  But that’s what you get from the political branch of the adult entertainment industry.

Amateur videos seem to pop up with alarming frequency these days and sometimes -- maybe always -- with bad results.  “Innocence of Muslims” was the excuse for Fourth World anti-American forces to kill, maim, destroy, burn and riot.

The Innocence of Willard is another story.

What does what he said mean?  Well, that 47% doesn’t make enough money to have to pay income tax.  (Who wrote the tax code, again?) That 47 percent wants affordable health insurance, maybe even government run health insurance, but in any case, health insurance that actually works.

The video shows that Willard is nothing if not consistent in one series of thoughts.  

He says his job is to ignore that 47 percent and concentrate on the middle few who can join in his core of supporters -- whoever they are -- and win a majority.
So, Romney made Obama’s job a whole lot easier.

We of the 47 percent of freeloaders are in the President’s pocket (aren’t we?) so all Barry has to do is convince four per cent of the voters that they, too, should waddle up to the trough with the rest of the squealing pigs and join in the free-fest.

Now, about that Mexican thing.  Just another racist crack from amateur pornstar politics.  And to make sure his numbed out followers got the point, he followed the first line with one that ended  “It would be helpful if I were a Latino.”

Okay, that was back in May.  The video has been around for awhile now.  The magazine (commie rag) “Mother Jones” re-posted it recently and the newspapers all picked it up, so now it’s “viral.”

What does Willy say about it today?  He says what he said was “not elegantly stated,” but he meant what he said.  Brilliant.  There’s no way to weasel out of this “inelegance” without bringing up that position switching image yet again.

What alternative universe America does this guy live in?

But you have to give credit where due:  “The Innocence of Willard” didn’t provoke violent uprisings at various Republican consulates and embassies across the United States.  With half the country maligned, you’d think the 47% would have learned something from our Muslim counterparts in the Fourth World and at least torn down a political clubhouse somewhere.

We are too civilized to kill anyone over this.  But we could at least have burned pictures of elephants or the Republican flag outside the headquarters of some company that moved its manufacturing to China or Pakistan.

Okay, white guys and anyone else who is not a member of the victim culture, put on those wigs to cover your skin heads, take off your sheets, write a fan letter to Bank of America or Chase and get behind your guy.


--News about news:  Emory University is closing its Journalism program because it “doesn’t fit” with the school’s mission.  Great idea because J-schools have replaced on the job training in the trade and if other schools follow Emory’s lead, no one has no way to learn nuthin about riting and stoonts could report in any ways them wants to.  And whom needs news, anyways?

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The Spectator said...

I'd get a little more exercised about the closing of the journalism program at Emory if it were a real old program. But it was just started in 1996 at a time when journalism programs were changing rapidly. So I weep not for Emory.

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