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1073 The Dance

1073 The Dance

Passed the Senior Citizen center with the big storefront window.  Behind it were maybe half a dozen people doing some kind of low impact aerobic exercise.  This is a combination of fitness and ritual dancing designed to ward off death.  It doesn't work.

An otherwise normal and apparently healthy woman barely one third as old as the seniors-under-glass wrote on a social networking site that she was sore of bone and muscle of leg after a session with her trainer.  Trainer?  

Someone wrote back to her saying what she experienced was practice and for 45, 50 years from now when the same symptoms would present without the fuss, bother and expense of a trainer.  She replied that was the very thing she was trying to prevent.

The following day she reported her thighs were “feeling fine now.”
Probably an understatement and probably they also no longer hurt.  You can bet the seniors in the terrarium will have a longer wait for feeling fine.

Who was it said “we weren’t all meant to last forever?”

You can eat all the organic spinach you want and take all the vitamins, work out two hours a day, take your blood pressure every morning and evening and floss your teeth every two hours, but who knows what the net result will be?

Remember Jim Fixx?  He’s the guy who put jogging on the map of national consciousness.   The author of “The Complete Book of Running” died of a heart attack right after his morning run. Fixx was 52 years old.

Remember Adelle Davis?  She was the one who put “whole foods” on the map of national consciousness.  Told us how to use nutrition to prevent disease.  All that good stuff.  She lived to 70.  Not a bad age, but not ripe-old, either. Blood cancer.

What do you think would happen if Jim Fixx or Adelle Davis lived on a diet of McDoubles and Miller Lite?  Chances are they would have grown heavier than they did.  But what would it have done to the length of their lives?

When they told Jackie Kennedy Onassis, then 64, that her chances of survival from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma were pretty slim, she was quoted as asking herself out loud “Why did I do all those push-ups?”   It’s on tape somewhere.

You may be the Energizer Bunny.  But when you’re out of juice, you’re out of juice.  And no ritual dance in a glass cage, no work with a trainer, no jogging, no raw foods, and no push-ups are going to help you.  Deal with it.


--Third and Fourth World Muslims are outraged at cartoon drawings of Muhammad, and are showing their anger with more anti-American and anti-French demonstrations, some of them -- as you know -- death dealing.  What would happen if the sandal were on the other foot?  Would Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists or just about anyone else riot and pillage?  Someone’s wrong here, ya’ think?

--Apologists for the “demonstrators” are saying they represent but a sliver of the general population.  That makes it easy to infer that the rest of the population is against the actions of the few.  So where are the efforts to control -- not discourage, but control -- the sliver?

--And our old friends at Chick-Fil-A have announced they intend to stop donating to anti-gay groups.  The Los Angeles Times reports the Chicken’s charity arm is “taking a closer look” at whose coffers Chick Fils.  Now, if the food department could only make that stuff edible.

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