Wednesday, November 07, 2012

1093 Election Day Autopsy Results

1093 Election Day Autopsy Results

At last!  The presidential campaign that would not end, ended.  And not a minute too soon. If it had gone on another day, our heads would have exploded in unison, bring a national unity not seen since the World War II era.

At this writing, the final result in Florida is incomplete.  But even if Romney wins, which seems unlikely, the addition of its 29 electoral votes will not make a difference.

Which means that for all its strutting and preening about being the “most important swing state” meant nothing, at least this time.  Go back to slow driving and golf, guys.

The popular vote is tighter than the head of a snare drum.  So to all the Gore supporters still smarting from his winning the popular vote and losing the election: what do you think about the electoral college now?

Will this election bring the flailing and splintered Republican Party to its senses?  Unlikely.  It’s still so busy fighting among itself that it won’t do anything but give lip service to bipartisanship, which it single handedly destroyed in the first place.

Will it mean creation of a new “centrist party?”  Of course not.  We already have one of those.  It’s called The Democrats.  

Will the Republicans stop trying to brand the dems as “hard left?”  Hardly.  Will it drop all the religious nonsense and revert to the party of Lincoln or TR?  Nah.  

Who was the smartest guy in the national race?  That’s an easy answer.  By running for his congressional seat (and winning it) he showed great deal of foresight.  Wouldn’t want Mr. Ayn Rand turned Mr. Saint Thomas Aquinas revert to his roots?  Probably.  Nothing to lose now.  Not even his day job.

The right wing talkers must be happy as can be.  Four more years to destroy the black, Kenyan Muslim Socialist.  Great for ratings.

Speaking of which... time to get some backbone, Mr. President.  You, too, have nothing to lose.  On November 8, about a year ago, we suggested in this space that the President grow some stones.  He didn’t.  Well, now’s the time to start.

It’s time to stop playing Senator Reconciliation.  It’s time to stop trying compromise with the irrational right wing.  It’s time to stop drinking tea.  It’s time to stop playing nice.

You have all kinds of powers and options at your disposals.  Call Rahm Emanuel. Let him give you some motivation.  The bloom isn’t yet off the rose.  But it needs fertilizing.


--So long, Suzuki.  The Japanese carmaker is leaving America and concentrating on places like India and North Africa where people don’t have the choices we do here and don’t seem to care as much about the little things, like passenger safety and reliability.  And it’s put its US operations in bankruptcy while making the possibly empty promises to honor warranties and maintain supplies of spare part.

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