Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1318 The Jew Test

Three Kansas Nazis walk into a bar and order up.  One says to the others “I’m in the mood to kill some Jews.”  The second one says “sounds like a good idea, but this is Kansas… where you gonna find any?”  Third one says “hey, isn’t there some kind of Jew church down the road near that old folks home?”

Well, yes there is. So Adolf gets into his truck, heads for the synagogue, takes the rifle off the gun rack, gets out of the F-150 and starts firing at people outside.

He wounds a few and he kills three; heads back to the bar where his friends remained.

“Got me a bunch of them,” he says.  Addy has left a pretty easy trail to follow.  A couple of Jim Beams can get even the most dedicated Fuhrer careless.

The cops come in, they haul him off.  And when #2 and #3 visit him in the slammer, they have bad news:

“No one you killed was a Jew.”

“Y’all gotta be kidding, right?”

“Wrong, mein Herr.”

“Then why are they charging me with a hate crime?”

Well, it’s because of what you meant to do on top of what you did.

Unfortunately, there is no Jew Test.  And most of us look like any other white guy. Helps a lot while we work quietly and in covens to take over that small sliver of the world we don’t yet control.

You know what I mean.  The banks.  The media.  The legal profession, the medical profession the teaching profession, the courts the federal government.  All those things on which you True Patriotic Americans count on and/or revile.

Time was, there was a test.  You just take a guy into the woods and drop his pants.  But most people today get circumcised so the test has become unreliable.

Time was, some of us dressed funny.  Some still do.  But you can’t tell the Hasidim from the Amish until you’re close enough to see the whites of their eyes.

And those name changes… we use them to throw you off, sneaks that we are. When Shlomo Katzenburg, born in Kansas, changes his name to Steve Carson, man… how underhanded is THAT?

So you and Mr. Beam take your chances.  Afterall, who would hang out at a “Jew church” but Jews, right?  Wrong.

Oh, almost forgot to mention:  Y’all get charged with murder, as well.  You may not have taken Jewish American lives.  But -- good Christian that you claim to be -- you took lives.

The other day, they decked you out in an anti-suicide smock, and rolled you into court on a wheel chair.  But you’re no suicide “risk,” though many -- Christians and Jews alike -- would like you to have the chance if you want it.

The big bulky smock keeps you toasty-warm but it’s not a straight jacket… heavy as it may be, you can still move around.  

Achtung, sweety, your goose stepping days are over.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
Please address comments, threats, hate mail and anti semitic diatribes to Wes
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