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1324 The Tokowitz Tapes

A guy named Horowitz meets a guy named Sterling at Schul, is apt to think “I wonder what his name used to be.”

In this case, the case of Donald Sterling, it used to be Tokowitz.  And as Tokowitz the young lawyer, no white shoe firm would hire him.  So he started his own practice.

You’d think something like that would sensitize a guy to discrimination, but not this big mouth octogenarian fatso who made his fortune as a divorce lawyer and in real estate and owns the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association and now has been banned for life.

You’d think it. But if you did, you’d think wrong.

Okay, so Sterling doesn’t want his girlfriend to accompany black guys to Clippers games.  You’d think after how many miserable seasons of empty seats he’d want everyone… and even if he didn’t would keep his mouth shut.

But if you did, you’d think wrong.

The gossip site TMZ put up that recording of Sterling after his … um… “special friend”  Vanessa Stiviano put a photograph of herself standing with Magic Johnson on Instagram.  Just a picture.  Magic Johnson, fer cryin’ out loud.  You’d think Sterling would love the publicity.

You’d think wrong.

There’s still a chance the tape is a fake.  Digital audio is easy to edit.  You’d think Sterling would cry “foul” if it were.  

You’d think wrong.

Reports say he’s confirmed that’s him talking.

You’d think advertisers would run like rats deserting a drowning ship.

You’d think right.

Red Bull, State Farm, Kia, Virgin America, CarMax.  Can you blame them?

Advice to Sterling: Sell the team. It’s a good buy for someone.  It’s having its first ever really good season.  
You’ll make a killing.

He paid about 12 million bucks for the Clippers 30 years ago.  That’s about 35 million in today’s money. But the Forbes list puts the team’s current value at over $500-million.

Take the money and Stiviano and Shelly, your estranged wife of fifty years and fight among yourselves somewhere where no one has microphones.

So now, Tokowitz becomes an absentee landlord.  And as such he might likely behave like many others with that label.  

-Burn out the tenants.  

-Turn the “building” back into a slum, which it’s been under most of his ownership.

-Stop paying taxes and let the government sell the lien on the property.

Facts and comment on other aspects of this story:

The new NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, evidently is much tougher than he looks or sounds.  Silver looks like the kid who carried a huge top-frame briefcase to school even in Kindergarten, was bullied all through school and grew up to be the CPA for a mob-run private carter.

He is none of that.

If Sterling wanted to shrink into the shadows, he can always change his name again. Tokowitz would be one choice.

Stiviano wasn’t always “V. Stiviano” as she has come to be called. According to a suit Sterling’s wife filed against her, she was born Vanessa Maria Perez and has used the names Monica Gallegos, Maria Monica Perez Gallegos and Maria Valdez.  More changes than Tokowitz.

Here’s the recording that made the Clipper owner infamous.  Warning. Adult content, adult language and it’s almost 10 minutes long (courtesy TMZ):

You’ve probably seen the pertinent parts already.

And here is the Instagram picture (Rated PG 13 or maybe G)

Oh, and the Clippers won their game against Golden State 113-103 and lead the first round playoff series three games to two.

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