Friday, July 11, 2014

1355 Joan Rivers

1355 Joan Rivers

What’s not to love. She’s raw.  She’s funny.  She’s crazy like a fox.  She makes people laugh.  But there are limits… and what you’re about to read has nothing directly to do with her.

To bring you up to speed if you’ve been so focused on the World Cup that you aren’t aware of Rivers’ interview on CNN.

She’s flogging her new book.  She goes on with Fredricka Whitfield who asks a lot of vapid questions, evidently thinking that she’ll get a rise out of the old star and it will be funny.

Instead, Rivers gets insulted… sits still for another few questions… then takes out her earpiece and walks off the set.

The tabloids say it was a publicity stunt.

A few days later, Joan’s on Letterman and he asks her about the interview.  As she’s trying to answer, he rises from the anchor chair… takes off his coat… drops it on the desk and walks off the set.
Sends the audience into a laughter attack.  She continues interviewing herself and then breaks for commercial.

If this wasn’t pre-planned, these two are funnier than you first thought.

Well, those of us who don’t stay up for late night TV missed it.  But thanks to facebook, it was there for all to see.

And see… and see and see.

There were 50 different postings of the two minute clip.  Fifty.  An actual count.  So much so that it squeezed all the regular friends so far down the page they disappeared.

Once would have been enough.  Two maybe.

Does Facebook give you a way to blank out unwanted posts?  Usually, yes. But not in this case.

The only way to get rid of the 49 duplicates was to block her.  Unfair to her.  Unfair to those of us who would have done with once or twice.

Guess the “service” is too busy changing its format, gathering information about you and forcing unwanted megaposts on its users that it didn’t have time to put that “hide” button on posts two through 50.

How to turn something fun into something useless, annoying and obnoxious.  They could write a book.  Or fifty.

If you like Rivers, Youtube has a million different clips.  You can watch for hours and without commercials. Or you can tune into her two TV shows.  Or watch her hawking her namesake clothing on QVC.

Even that’s funny.  And it doesn’t crowd you unless you want it to.


--Note to HLN:  do news, even though that would mean canning your big three evening “stars.” Nancy Grace is wrong even when she’s right.  She and Jane and Drew need to be put on a boat or plane headed for the alternative universes in which they apparently live.

--Congress shut down and no one noticed.  This time, it supposedly wasn’t a Republican plot, it was an asbestos emergency in the wee small hours of the morning. Or maybe they learned how to make a time bomb that spews asbestos.

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