Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1363 Sarah Pay-Lin

So $100 bucks a year on your credit card and you’ll get advance word and looks at all the Palin you could ever want right on your computer.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has started her own internet TV service.  No filters between her “truth” and your checking account or MasterCard.  (She may not accept Visa because you never know whether a Visa is real or it’s just another illegal invader coming over the border to drain your wallet, when that’s HER job.)

The disgraced vice presidential candidate is a woman of many talents, and we expect to see all of them on display.  Well, almost of them.

The mama grizzly (maybe that should be mama grisly) Sarah will show us how to protect our loved ones.

The death panel sentinel will give us advance warning of their formation along with those prison camps for patriotic Americans who don’t go along with the Kenyan Socialist party line.)

We’ll be able to see all the shots of her toting guns, shooting moose from a helicopter, and her charming children (and possible grandchild.)

We’ll see her famous bikini pictures (the beach is Kinkade/Sandy in Anchorage, and were shot last March.  This woman may have a record-setting tolerance for cold.)

But best of all, we’ll get all the latest on the Impeach Obama movement.  You KNOW you want to know more about that!

The channel so far is a collection of home movies. Well, not movies, but videos similar to those she’s already posted on Facebook and other social media sites.

And she’ll show us how to “unlock” our natural resources so as not to be held hostage by OPEC over oil and Ukraine for gas. (Meantime, frack baby, frack!)

People are wondering whether that hundred bucks is only an introductory price and once we get hooked on Sarah, the rates will go up or we’ll be herded into a two year contract.  Ah, but that’s true capitalism.  So let’s not quibble.

For those of us who have not found Saturday Night Live funny for decades… for those of us who will miss Colbert as he moves from Comedy Channel to CBS, for those of us who look up to people with room temperature IQs… let’s hear it for SarahVision.

And for those of you who slept through Biology in the tenth grade, a real “Mama Grizzly” weighs 800 pounds, is covered in fur and stinks.

We can’t find statistics or odorifics on a Hockey Mama Grizzly.

Wonder if she takes Confederate money for subscriptions to that video stream.

Wonder what happens to your payment if she resigns in mid-term, since she seems to do that habitually.


--Al Qaeda is having a fundraiser.  They’re kidnapping rich Europeans who are paying handsome ransoms, something we don’t do in this country, at least officially.  Is this tax deductible?

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