Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1485 An Enemy Within

One thing you can say about George Zimmerman.  Two things actually.  One: he’s a trouble magnet. But two: He must really charm the ladies.

You remember George, right? He’s the Floridian who was convicted of not murdering black teen Trayvon Martin in 2013.  Martin was the unarmed kid who Zimmerman decided was a menace because he was (a.) in a mostly white neighborhood after dark. (b.) he was wearing a dark hoodie and (c.) he was carrying a suspicious package.  And you know kids today, they’re good at making weapons out of anything… even an innocent looking package of Skittles.

Earlier this week, someone took a shot at Loveable George. Whoever it was seemed not to realize that it’s not so easy to pick a guy off when he’s behind the wheel of his car.  Unlike TV shows, the bullet doesn’t always make a clean roundish hole surrounded by spiderwebs in the safety glass.  Sometimes it just kind of blows through the windshield like a brick.

And that’s what happened in this case. Loveable George was showered in shards of windshield. Cuts. But no bullet hole in the head.  The emergency room people treated him and sent him on his way.

Cops “like” a guy with whom Zimmerman had “a road rage incident” some time back, one George Apperson. Apperson said at the time Loveable George threatened to kill him and exclaimed “do you know who I am?”

While we wait for further legal complications and other clouding devices, let’s take a look at that “charming the ladies” thing.

Lady #1: George’s ex wife, Shellie Zimmerman.  She first reported that just after she filed for divorce --  right after the Martin shooting -- he smashed an iPad in their home.  Shellie told the 911 operator George had a gun.  Later she said he didn’t.  Charmed into truth telling? A regular Rudolph Valentino, he is.

Lady #2: Former girlfriend Brittany Brunelle reported that Ole’ Loveable threw a wine bottle at her. The Associated Press says she later recanted and refuses to cooperate.  Charmed into submission?  A regular James Dean is he.

Lady #3: Another girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, charged that Mister Charm smashed her coffee table, pointed a gun at her and threw her out of the house they shared, followed by her furniture.  Court papers say she later recanted and refuses to cooperate.  Charmed back into Loveable’s Loving arms?  A regular Bill Clinton.

Incident one is a happenstance. Incident two makes it a possible coincidence.  Incident three makes it a pattern.

George has a rap sheet that goes back to 2005, but probably there’ll be no charges against him in this latest case.  After all, he was the target not the shooter, right? Maybe he was in fear of his life and preparing to run the gunner over. We don’t know.

What we do know is there’s a guy in or near Lake Mary, Florida who needs more practice at the shooting range. Or a better gun.
NOTE: Coming Friday: Verizon + AOL = vArizOL.

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