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1658 An Ex-CIA Agent Speaks Out

Operator: Good morning. Central Intelligence Agency, how may I direct your call?

Caller: Good morning, I’d like to speak to Fuzzy Wuzzy, please.

O: One moment, sir.

Music on hold. Sounds like “Flight of the Bumble Bee” played on a plastic ukulele.

O: I’m sorry, sir, but I find no listing for a Fuzzy Wuzzy. Let me connect you with personnel.

The conversation is pretty much the same.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is sitting across the table from you in a booth at a luncheonette in Astoria.

Caller says to Wuzzy: they never heard of you.

FW: Of course they never heard of me.  They never heard of anyone.  

So… does that mean anyone can claim a CIA background and have no way to prove it?  Which means you have no way to disprove it.

It’s even more fun when you say you were a “contractor.”  That one they can deny from here to Mars and credibly.

All this by way of a recently posted video in which an attractive young woman showing a lot of flesh and claiming to have been a CIA covert operative makes a case for peace by holding committee meetings between warring parties.

Ok, there’s certainly something to that.  But look a little closer.  The video is posted on a YouTube channel called AJ+.  AJ+ is a new service of Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera means “the peninsula” in Arabic.  It is the property of the government of Qatar, which is a small country -- a peninsula -- that looks like it might be Saudi Arabia’s appendix on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Qatar is also a family business and has been since its independence from Britain in 1971.

So, let’s first consider the source.  Yes, Al Jazeera sometimes does serious news seriously. But it also is a huge news agency with a point of view.  And its point of view is both obvious and well known.

As for the woman in the video? Soft spoken, well spoken and to put it into the American vernacular, “hot.”

She’s a “former CIA-ling,” says the video.  She makes some good points about forming committees to hash out differences.  A real Kumbaya moment.

Since she doesn’t give her name and neither does the video’s caption, we don’t know who she is. And if you call the CIA as we did about “agent” Wuzzy, your chances of finding out who she is are less than zero.

Well, what other videos does AJ+ offer?  They’re pretty much all from the Kumbaya school of life. And they pretty much feature attractive American women showing lots of skin.

This is what news types the world over excuse by saying “We have to get the (user) into the tent. Then we can tell him anything we want including what they need to know.”

Once in the tent, we see smatterings of people who live on the borderline between plain and ugly. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and guys studying computer coding in Germany.

The rest of the featured speakers are all Qatari soft core porn.

Whisper in my ear, baby.  I’ll do anything you say.

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