Monday, June 27, 2016

1661 Get Off My Lawn

1661 Get Off My Lawn

Or to be less politically correct about it, get your dog off my lawn.  Who is violating whose space?

Omar Mateen.

You remember him, right? The madman who killed all those people in Orlando.  The gay- hating Islamic terrorist who wounded all those others?  The guy who saved the state of Florida millions of dollars and thousands of hours by being shot dead at the Pulse nightclub.

Well, they buried him the other day in the ground of a cemetery in Miami about 200 miles from the scene of the crimes.  And this is causing outrage among his dead neighbors, or at least the people who speak for the adjacent dead and pay for the graveside upkeep.

There’s no headstone, at least not yet.  So does that make it a secret unmarked grave or are they just waiting while the stonecutter they finally got to say “yes,” finishes his work.  

Relatives of nearby corpses are outraged.  They don’t think someone like Mateen should be buried in sacred ground and some of them have threatened to exhume their long gone loved ones and have them moved to another cemetery.

They’re worried the slime that passed for Omar’s brain will seep sideways through the earth and desecrate what’s left of Granny.

It’s a Muslim cemetery and some of Omar’s co-religionists with remains there are up in arms. One says his religion doesn’t permit murder. If that’s true, he’ll have trouble making his case under present conditions. But like the Bible, the Koran is full of contradictory teachings, so maybe he can.

The people who run the burial ground say they don’t approve of what Mateen did, but don’t believe they are in position to judge him or exclude him on some technicality… like he’s a mass murder.

In case you’ve stopped following the rats nest of coverage of this story, there are some new developments:

--The FBI says there’s no evidence Mateen had gay lovers.  The FBI also is the agency that decided that Mateen was no threat and dropped the ball. Evaluate and discuss.

--Mateen bought a plane ticket to the west coast for the day after the murders.  So maybe he didn’t expect to die in Orlando after all.

--Experts say Mateen was an expert marksman. Well, there’s something to brag about as in “only the best gunman is good enough to kill my kid.”

Kicking a live dog off your lawn is common practice. Kicking a dead dog off your lawn is not something we’re likely to do.  Instead, we call Animal Control or the dog catcher.

So what are they waiting for?

--Perdue wants happy chickens.  America’s fourth largest chicken producer is on the warpath against animal cruelty, or so it says.  If they demonstrate that they can make a buck that way, maybe humane treatment will catch on.

Today’s Quote: “Republicans buy sneakers too.” -- Michael Jordan on why he doesn’t make public political statements.

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