Friday, July 08, 2016

1666 Hi, I'm Hillary and I'll be Your Server Tonight

Oops. Wrong kind of server.  Let’s start this one over:

Olympic medalist Hillary Clinton did it again: Speed skated to the gold.  Now what? Now plenty.

The FBI cleared her of various charges having to do with classified material and her use of a private email server rather than the State Department’s.

When he read his no prosecution announcement the FBI director showed all of the poise and sincerity of a prisoner of war on camera praising his North Korean captors or a kidnap victim in a filmed ransom demand. But he managed to slime her even without a legal leg to stand on and was cornered into agreeing to investigate whether Clinton perjured herself in testimony to congress.

Of course, what she did was wrong wrong wrong.  But as they say on Wall Street, the market has already factored Benghazi and emailgate into the current price of her stock and she’s still tracking well ahead of the competition.

Congress is a starving dog and Hillary is a meaty bone. They won’t drop the matter.  The republican majority lives to quash any gain any democrat makes in any area. And now that they’ve more or less polished off Obama, it’s on to the next. And the next is Clinton.

Did you catch any of the congressional hearings?  Like any congressional hearing it was an opportunity for members to make self serving speeches, sometimes ask a question, not listen to the answer and continue gnawing.

Did Clinton perjure herself before a kongressional kangaroo kourt that no one respects and no one should? Maybe.  It’s a family tradition. And a congressional one. Haul a Clinton into a hearing room, ask things that are none of its business, decide there was perjury and try to pry them out of the picture.

The State Department had put its investigation on hold pending the outcome of the congressional investigation, and will now resume it.

Will they find something the FBI missed?  Unlikely.  Isn’t there a double jeopardy involved here?  Well, yes and no.  Technically, she wasn’t found not guilty, the Justice Department just decided against charging her.
So the department is free to go for sloppy seconds.

Today’s Quote: “Republicans have been accused of abandoning the poor.  It’s the other way around. They never vote for us.” -- Political philosopher and poet Dan Quayle.


--The sanctimonious and self righteous members of congress had best remember what goes around comes around.  Do you recall Denny Hastert’s holier-than-thou performance at the Bill Clinton impeachment?  Denny got his and Trey Gowdy (Gowdy Doody to his friends) will get his, too.

--Why do cops shoot civilians without obvious reason?  Dead men tell no tales.  Best to eliminate a witness whose testimony in a real court might convict a rogue officer.

--The fatal shootings and woundings of police officers in Dallas Thursday night remains a developing story. But retaliation of this kind does not solve any problems. It just creates new ones.

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