Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mini 004 Accosting Acosta

I don’t believe the rumors.  Labor Secretary Alex Acosta did not benefit from his treatment of the child-bopping tycoon Jeffrey Epstein.

Acosta was a federal prosecutor in Florida and cut a deal with Epstein for a 13-month sentence.  You should get such treatment.  It was nights under guard.  But during the day he was allowed to go to his office and… um… do whatever it is that “financiers” do.

Yeah, you heard right.  Part time prisoner.

Now the case against Ep has moved to New York.  Usually, they put a little ice on a slapped wrist.  Brings down the swelling.  Then they put him in the Iron Maiden.  See what it’s like in the arms of that girl, Jeffy.

Ah, but what about the Secretary of Labor?  His main job in the current cabinet is to make sure coal miners are exposed to more black lung potential and that the managers of restaurants can skim some bucks from the wait staff tip jar.

And the rumor.  Simply not true.  He did not get a thumb drive copy of Epstein’s Rolodex.

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