Friday, March 19, 2021

4708 He Had a Very Bad Day

The Anti-Asian hatewave can’t be stopped with sermons.  But the sermons can’t hurt.

As the weekend approaches, Asian-led churches are preparing to urge their communities to step up to the wave of violence. It came to a head this week when a man gunned down eight people, six of them Asian women, in three Atlanta-area massage spas.

One pastor put it this way: “I’m going to urge people with love and peace that we need to step up and address this issue.”  Rev. Beyond Han says, “it’s time for us to act.”

Georgia police say they haven’t yet determined whether the motive for the shootings was racial. The shooter said he killed to remove sexual temptation.

 One cop’s public explanation went viral.

Here’s the quotation from the Georgia Sheriff’s Captain that started the backlash against his agency. It’s from Jay Baker who said of the accused murderer:

 "…[he] was pretty much fed up and had been, kind of, at the end of his rope. And yesterday was a really bad day for him, and this is what he did.”

 It also was a “really bad day” for those who were shot, only the eight of them who died probably don’t know it.

Just the kind of cop you want on your side.  This wasn’t a sudden, off-the-cuff kind of remark one might make under pressure.  He’d been railing about “Asian-caused” COVID on his Facebook page, promoting the idea.

The company that made anti-Asian shirts featured on Captain Jay Baker’s Facebook page received a $15-thousand loan for Covid- related paycheck protection.

Meantime, the confessed shooter, Robert Aaron Long, 21, has been charged with four counts of murder with four counts still to come.

 Hate Crimes against Asians continue.

--Three people were arrested for beating and robbing an Asian man in a San Francisco laundromat.

--An older Asian woman attacked on a San Francisco street beat her attacker bloody before EMS arrived and handcuffed him to a stretcher.

--A church in Seattle was hit by anti-Asian graffiti written in hay for the fourth time this year.

Police in major cities with large Asian populations... New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, the District of Columbia, Atlanta, and others have stepped up patrols. 

It’s easy to blame the South, well known as a wellspring of racism, for the hatewave.  But it wouldn’t be completely fair. At least in the south, one knows what to expect.  It’s in the supposedly tolerant and welcoming cities of the North where the real work starts.

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