Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yo, Benny! Here Come The Islamaniacs

139 Yo, Benny! Here Come the Islamaniacs.

Yo, Benny! That was a most un-cool thing you said the other day about the Islamaniacs, the guys who spread their ideas through violence.

Is there a kind of irony about a Kraut born in the 1920s lecturing anyone about the joys of non-violence?

On the other hand, no one’s real upset but the ‘maniacs, because it’s essentially the truth.

Of course, we gotta figure that guys like you who believe theirs is the One True Church have a way of saying stuff like that about other churches.

You were the geniuses who cooked up the Jews-Killed-Jesus thing. So this is nothing new, even though you conveniently deny all that, now. Y’all set the wheels in motion and the Fundamaniac hod carriers are doing the dirty work while you and the other guys in skirts to tsk tsk.

Of course the Fundamaniacs also believe they’re the One True Church, even though they don’t agree about much among themselves. Kind of a contradiction, right? Like – how can two or three or ten conflicting institutions all have the right answers when they disagree on what the right answers are?

JR of New Jersey once said “When I was a little girl, my Church, the Catholic Church, had all the answers. Now (1980) it still has all the answers, but they’re different answers. One True Church? Nah. I don’t go anymore. Let them get their acts straightened out.”

Another JR – this one from Suffolk County, New York said “The Pope’s pretty much a Protestant.”

Neither of these opinions are unique. But they’re still a minority. Want to get them back? Stop Ratzing around and rope ‘em back in. But don’t do it by trying to tromp over the opposition.

JR#1’s middle initial is “A.” JR #2 is really JRC. Both are of Italian extraction and only a little younger than you, Benny.

At least the Mormons are relatively quiet about their own OTC belief. Not that they don’t think it. Not that they don’t discuss it among themselves. But they don’t try to inflict it on the rest of us unless, of course, we ask for it.

And the Islamaniacs? They say the same thing about themselves that you say about you-all. They figure we’re all going to rot in hell if we don’t become Muslims. And not just ANY Muslim – they’re kind is the only kind, they believe.

Anyway, Benny, as leader of what amounts to a captive nation of about one billion people, you really ought to be a bit more – well – diplomatic. Don’t come right out and say these guys are swordslingers. Be a little circumspect about it. John Paul II probably would have been. And his people were being trampled by your people around the time you were a pre-adolescent, so he would have had a little more credibility than you do.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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