Monday, September 25, 2006

The Cuckoo Coup & Some "Noteds"

141 The Cuckoo Coup And Some “Noted”s

It happened in Thailand honestly. While the national leader was away in New York, “his” generals came in and took over. They banned political parties, imposed all kinds of restrictions and most of the rest of the world yawned, as it should have.

The leader appeared to have been a crook (our presidents are not crooks. You can tell, because some of them even say so.) Plus Thailand has a King, (they made a movie about that,) and coups used to happen there all the time. So , no biggie. The king unifies, the coups put moth holes in the unification, but usually not moth holes so big the garment gets thrown out.

Here in the US, we don’t have coups. Well, we don’t CALL them coups. They’re sort of elections.

Sort of because almost no one votes anymore.

Sort of because the political parties are private corporations with private agendas and offer little to no variation of ideas or ways of implementing them. (This can be a benefit. It keeps the populace screwed in a way we understand. It also causes the wheels to grind slowly enough to watch if anyone cares to.)

Sort of because the coup-sters don’t want to be seen as coup-sters.

But make no mistake about it, the nuts have taken over the asylum.

This space has several times advocated that the world be run by a council of elderly women. Ted Turner, having lost his empire and possibly his mind, recently legitimized this position by saying men should be barred from governing for a hundred years because we’ve screwed things up so badly.

Don’t care about the source. Just want to get the cuckoos back in their own nests.


--Gotcha. British actor Hugh Laurie does the best American accent since Peter Ustinov. But Ustinov was usually live and Laurie’s series, “House MD,” spends a lot of time in post production. Laurie says he works hard on not sounding British, but there are almost no words pronounced the same way in both countries.

On a recent episode, Laurie used the Brit pronunciation “TISS youz,” rather than the American “TISHyouz.” What are they doing in post-prod these days beside not listening.

--Identity Guard At Work: Sign any name you like on those computerized credit card pin pads. Recent examples from this corner: Donald Duck, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, Saddam Hussein.

--Name Change: They are changing the name of this county to “Out of Service.” It’s already on all the buses.

--More on Mass Transit: Increasing the Subway fare again? Cutting service again? No worries. Just hold the “public comment” sessions in Swahili or Arabic. Sensitive. Plus, no one speaks the former and no one will admit to speaking the latter.

--Power flop: before Allegheny Power accepted our report of a power outage, we had to listen to the automated answering machine thank us for voting them number one in customer service. Hate to think of what it’s like to deal with number two or (shudder) number three.

--The 60s: Back at the start of the century, we expressed hope that the 5760s would be as much fun as the 1960s. Now, more than midway through the decade, we welcome 5767, continue expressing the hope and assessing what’s happened so far: Better drugs, but other than that, not much fun at all.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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