Friday, September 08, 2006

Confederate Attack On NY Fails & Misc.

134 Confederate Attack On New York Fails & Other Tales

Kispy Kreme comes from North Carolina and it’s going back.

The donut franchise started war plans in 1937. It went public in 2000. Its stores were everywhere. Now, they’re almost nowhere.

The IPO stock sold for about fifty bucks. A recent price was eight dollars.

There are two “outposts” left in New York, one in Penn Station where the rest of the Confederates often land in need of a sugar fix, and on the upper east side, where they eat daintily.

What failed? Was it that we realized how fattening these things can be (are?)

And how expensive?

And how bad they really taste? (Sugar coated tar comes to mind.)

Is it the SEC investigations?

Probably a little of each. We got tired of the rot they sell just about the time the Feds started looking for swindles and found … well… something.

Could it be that they tried to be Starbuck’s and over expanded, putting their stuff in every deli, 7-11, supermarket and lunchroom on the planet? Starbucks are way to numerous. But they expanded relatively slowly. Plus their fattening crap at least tastes good most of the time.

Maybe it’s just that the southern yahoos don’t know how to do business in New York. Lines that rival CVS and Duane Reade for slowness.

Dunkin’ Donuts is almost as slow, but not quite And most of their stuff is at least faux fresh.

The whole Krispy deal was an act of war. They wanted us to look like THEM. We don’t need their help for that.

This ragtag bunch? Even their fellow Confederates don’t like ‘em. And look at that list of lawsuits. Franchisees, employees, and more. Not just one or two… but a Passel. (That’s a metric measurement peculiar to areas south of the Mason-Dixon line, but not exclusive to them.)


-A followup to the debut of the Katie Show on CBS: The critics hated it, which almost guarantees that the public loved it. Love or curiosity put the thing in the number one spot for the first time in maybe ten years. But one day’s viewership does not a winner make.

-Speaking of TV, they ought to give out Emmys for the shopping channels. Some of their anchors are better than Katie or Brian or Charlie on the PM Newscasts. There are at least three networks. They’re live around the clock (not even CNN does THAT!) They have producers, directors, graphic artists, stage crew, audio operators, designers… and maybe even writers… like any other television productions or networks. So why shortchange the last bastion of spontaneous television?

-Is there more than one recipe/formula for Philly Cheese Steak? Or is it just that each “chef” puts his or her own spin on the basic hero-roll/beef shavings/Velveeta concoction?

-It must be the end of the world because otherwise why would Lionfish from the Pacific be invading the beaches of Long Island.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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