Friday, July 11, 2008

The Old Geezer's Right

#421 The Old Geezer's Right

That would be John McCain, in refuting the assertion of the slightly younger geezer, Phil Gramm that America is in a "mental recession."

Mr. Gramm was born in July of 1942, which is about when he was calling us a nation of whiners. I proudly confer geezerhood on anyone born in that year or earlier. And I plead guilty to qualifying.

Gramm is chief economic adviser to the Republican Party's apparent Presidential nominee, John McCain, who was born in 1936, making him (a) six years deeper into the geezer generation and (b) Gramm's elder, and therefore worthy of respect.

So, what kind of yo yo comes out with a one-liner like "we're in a mental recession." Gramm tells us all we have to do is buck up and cheer up and grey skies are going to clear up and put on a happy face.

If you were Phillie, you might be able to do something like that. After all, does the guy ever go to the A&P for a week's groceries? Does he fill up his own tank? Has the guy even paid for his own haircut in the last 30 years?

McCain was a little slow in saying Gramm was wrong. But his campaign Ministry of Truth was quick to cover up for the younger but still geezerly Gramm. They issued a volly of buckshot that spoke of the "mental" thing as if it were some kind of preview of an upcoming economic plan that would soon be issued and make us all fat and happy again. Or is it barefoot and pregnant?

Gramm, you'll remember, is responsible for the Enron Loophole, the part of the law that allowed the subprime mortgage mess to escalate to its present state. He gave Enron and others that loophole and put us into the current energy crisis. The guy's a banker and a financial shell game artist, a tool of the oil industry and the trading industry which has gleefully gone and given us a major beating since the passage of the Gramm inspired "Commodity Futures Modernization Act." There's a title for you. Right up there with "Peacekeeper Missiles."

McCain told the Wall St. Journal awhile back that the economy wasn't his strongest suit. With advisers like Phillie, he's not likely to learn much along the campaign trail.

But John McCain IS a politician and Gramm's stupid statement is reason enough to get his young geezer head handed him.

And that would end Gramm's mental recession. And ours.


--"Smart" phones have made the Palm Pilot obsolete. It's not because they're an improvement. It's just that we can't leave something simple and brilliant alone for too long.

--English has more words than any other language. Our words breed like rabbits. It's time for simplification and we should start with contraceptives for adjectives.

--The Queen of England had a few thousand close friends over for tea the other day. It's nice to know the royals are in such good financial shape. Maybe next time, she could invite a few thousand of the homeless over for those delicious cucumber sandwiches.

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