Friday, December 25, 2009

462 Poor Bernie

642 Poor Bernie

The question most often asked among prison fans these days is this: Did someone beat the crap out of Bernie Madoff? Probably, yes.

We know these things: Prison authorities never level with us. Lawyers for prison inmates never level with us, especially so with high profile cases. This leaves us with a quandary or maybe several.

We also know THESE things: The hospital at Butner NC is considered low security. It's pretty well known in the federal system for its cancer ward. One of the few things the prison WILL say about Bernie is that he doesn't have cancer. The Butner hospital is also known for its mental services, and it's kept pretty busy.

Now, is Bernie nuts? Technically nuts, that is. Or did someone bust him in the ribs and the face? And if so, are there some disgruntled Ponzi victims both in Bernie's jail and in his cell block? Did some corrections officer or inmate or combination of both decide a simple 150 year jail sentence was not nearly punishment enough for the damage Madoff has done?

A North Carolina TV station says Bernie was admitted to Duke University Hospital earlier this month (12/09.) That's where the busted face story emerged. Duke's in Durham about 15 miles from the prison, so not much of an ambulance hop.

Then, there's the hypertension story, reported both by Bloomberg News and the Associated Press. Hypertension and dizziness. Most news sources are going with that. In fact, the BBC reports that the attack and assault story is a fake. Probably the AP story is accepted because it's the "official" word. And we newsies love "official," even though as often as not it's baloney that wouldn't withstand an FDA inspection.

Bernie is 71, a few months from being 72. There is, of course, no way he'll out live his sentence. Could be that he's looking for early release. Maybe cut the time down to, oh, 75 years.

There are those who think the jail sentence shouldn't have been meted out at all. They want to see this scenario.

March him up to the altar where they ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Then, let him ring the opening bell. Then, escort him outside the building and abandon him at the corner of Wall and Broad.

The free market will thus correct itself.


-- It's Christmas 2009 and you can tell because every radio station is playing wall to wall Christmas music, to the point you hate the name "Rudolph." Nevertheless, a merry one to you. And a usury free New Year.

--We get a second consecutive weekend of lousy weather. But there IS an upside. It makes the excuse they give you when your plane is late or grounded something close to legitimate.

--RIP George Michael. He was a top notch top 40 disc jockey. And later, he was an even topper notch sports broadcaster.

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