Friday, December 18, 2009

639 Socialize THIS!

639 Socialize THIS!

Everything in politics centers on the next election. No one in Gov Biz cares about anything but job security. Do you think Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) gives a fig about abortion? Who knows. Maybe he does. But maybe he's just posturing for the voters. Nelson holds up the health care reform bill because it "might" direct federal money to the evil, satanic, baby-killing left wing extremist Marxist communist "minority" that populates the big cities of America, doomsday atheists that they be. This is a re-election ploy.

Get this guy a couple of Coors Lights and you might find out that his anti-abortion stance is nothing more than posturing for the folks back home. Who knows. It doesn't matter. Ben and everyone else in the Senate is interested in only one thing: job security. Go pander to the crowd. After all, Nebraska's unwed mothers have no power and besides, they don't vote. And neither do the women who have had abortions or think they might some day.

But Ben's not a bad guy. He's doing what comes naturally. Sucking up for votes. He's a puppet of the far right, despite his membership in the Democratic Party. Benny's hanging on by his talons. He won the nomination for governor in his state in 1990 by only two votes. That's the kind of thing a vote whore remembers even when he gets popular.

Then, there's Howard Dean, a world class nut job. But even a world class nut job can be right. Dean wants the whole senate health care bill scrapped. Back to the drawing board. And he's right. The crap they're considering these days means absolutely nothing. By the time both legislative houses finish with health care, there will be nothing left for anyone.

What we need is a "single payer" health plan. This is heresy. But it also is THE American solution to THE American problem. Are patients of what the right wing calls "socialized medicine" suffering in Europe and Canada? Are doctors there starving? No and no.

Will they starve here? No.

The younger docs are still paying off college and med school debt. If we can help Citi and Wells-Fargo, we can help them, too.

It would be a crime not to. And it would be a crime not to provide our most productive citizens the care they need and deserve.


--The lawyer for one of the mattress companies cited in Wessay 637 as a possible new endorser for Tiger has been in touch. Fortunately, he's an acquaintance, so no worries about lawsuits for dragging their name through the woods. Just a friendly warning... but no thanks for the free publicity.

--Citi is giving its deadbeats a holiday present. No Scroogy foreclosures for 30 days. So, who put the deadbeats in the deadbeat position in the first place?

--How is it the Blackberry communication system conks out so often? You'd think by now they could upgrade things without sending consumers wanting to consume the gizmo in flames. If you crush a blackberry, you get juice and pulp but if you crush a Blackberry, you may get electrocuted.

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