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872 Weiner Roast

872 Weiner Roast

Someone should start a website called  The name’s available and so are a bunch of variations: .net, .org and so on.

Give everyone a chance to ventilate about the poor schlub Anthony “Tony Dicks” Weiner, the soon to be ex congressman from Queens and Brooklyn who idiotically put pictures of his bare chest and his you-know-what on line and then lied about it.

About the last thing anyone wants to see is Tony Dicks’ dick.  Or his bare chest.   And we’re getting so huffy as a country that even Bill Clinton seems out of joint.

Weiner’s co-congress Person Nadia Velazquez (D-Brooklyn) is widely quoted as asking rhetorically “How do you explain that someone can be so smart but so stupid?” (NY Times 6/8/11)

Should Weiner resign?  Yes.  Because he’s a horn-dog?  No.  Because he’s married to a hot babe who used to work for Hillary Clinton and the former first couple is honked off?  No.  Because rules?  Yes.

He’s lost his effectiveness as a congressman.  And he’s a pretty good one.  He’s also a joke because of his antics and because of his antics combined with his name.  He shouldn’t have done what he did.  And we shouldn’t be making such a fuss over it.  But this is the way things are in this country today.

Maybe he can get a talk show.  He’s way too liberal for Fox.  CNN already has Spitzer.  So maybe MSNBC?

Can you see the headline in “Out” Magazine or “The Washington Blade”: “Openly Straight Congressman Quits.”

The Congressional Republicans want him to go away.  Fair enough.  The Democrats were pretty quick to want Sen. Wide Stance Craig (R-ID) out of the picture.

The Democratic leadership, not to be outdone, is tut tutting and spewing nonsense like “I wish I could find a reason to defend him, but I can’t.”

And some of his constituents are saying stuff like “What a bum.  He should go get a real job.”

So what’s with this apparent intensifying of bluenosedness?  Most guys and a lot of women don’t really care about this stuff but pretend to for the same reason they don’t swear:  they don’t want the neighbors to think they’re “that kind of person.”

That’s not going to change, except maybe for the worse.

That simple.  The guy’s a moron.  Not for doing what he did.  Not even for lying about it.  He’s a moron for thinking it wouldn’t come out and even if it did, people wouldn’t care and it would blow over.

The folks in Mill Basin and Howard Beach are thinking everything from “Who needs this?” to “Hey, Jamaica Bay’s in the district, go for a swim with these cinder blocks.”  

Shouldn’t have to be that way.  But that’s the way it is.

How do you like your hot dogs, boiled or roasted?

And now... a selection from the Wessays™ Song Book. Here's Perry Como.


--Ann Curry’s debut as co-anchor of “Today:” Right choice.  Later than it should have been.  But right.

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