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868 Pork Like An Egyptian

868 Pork Like an Egyptian

With apologies to the The Bangles.

And so another non-entity filled with himself and his lofty position has been accused of boffing a New York hotel maid against her will.

This time, it’s not France’s Dominque Strauss-Kahn, it’s Egypt’s Mahmoud Abdel Selam Omar, banker and tete de bite. And this time it’s not the Sofitel on 44th but the Pierre on 61st off fifth and owned by Taj Palaces of India.

Omar needed to blow his nose. And apparently, this banker couldn’t tear off a piece of toilet paper like the rest of us when the tissue box is empty, so he called downstairs and ordered some from housekeeping and instead and tore off a piece of... well, hotel maid.

The cops find the complaint “credible” which is NYPD Speak for “he did it.”

This and the Strauss-Kahn fiasco makes hotel housekeeping in Manhattan a dangerous job, like, well, banker or IMF chief or NYPD detective or clerk at a 7-11.

These guys don’t get “diplomatic immunity.” But they do get special treatment.

And security people at the snotty hotels have perks, too. They get to not call the cops and report a crime until someone in the papers writes they didn’t call the cops for “x” days after the incident. Then they get suspended, but not fired. Then, it goes from covering up the underbelly of a luxury hotel to unindicted co conspirator.

Guys from Cleveland commit rapes, too. But usually not under circumstances like this, and Ohio is not like Paris or Cairo.

You want to be a hotel maid? Apply at the Holiday Inn on W 57th. The uppity types like Straus-Kahn and Omar don’t go to places like that. They’re for thread salesmen from Ames, Iowa and steel salesmen from Pittsburgh, guys who know how to read the Yellow Pages for escort services and pay for what they get, bring their own tissues and none of these issues.

Maybe Omar has Paris envy.

Shrapnel of Sports:

----The Badminton World Federation has overturned the idiotic dress code described in Wessay™ #867 earlier this week, the one where the women had to wear skirts. Well, not exactly killed it. In full CYA mode, they’ve “tabled implementation for further study,” which means you’ll never hear of it again -- at least not from them.

--Attention High School football stars: Don’t bother with the OSU program. The world found out about the perks and they’ve gone away along with the coach on whose watch they were doled out. Find a school where giveaways of money, cars and other stuff haven’t been found out yet.

--Nassau County NY residents are going to get to vote on a bond issue to build a new arena for the Islanders of the NHL. Good plan, a referendum of this kind. The present home, the Coliseum has deteriorated to the point that it’s one step away from rubble and that’s part of the reason no one goes to the games (the other one being the Isles forgot how to win games after their Stalney Cup glory years.)

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