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874 Casey and the Tele-Maggots

874 Casey and the Tele-Maggots

If Casey Anthony were from uptown, five feet tall, 240 pounds and black, her murder trial would have lasted two days and by now, she would be doing life at the Bedford Hills Women’s Prison with her story long gone from the front page of the New York Post if it got there in the first place.

But her trial in Florida is weeks old week now and nowhere near the part where the judge asks “how do you find” and the jury foreman says “guilty of Murder One in the death of her toddler daughter Caylee.”

Casey, 25, of the State of Florida, is a a hot babe, usually a free pass to all kinds of things that most of us normal people don’t have access to.   This is not going to be one of these.

The Anthony trial is the OJ trial, 2011 version.  But the verdict will be “guilty,” and for the same reason OJ’s wasn’t.

The trial is televised.  The jury eventually has to go home and live in its neighborhood, with people who “know” what “really happened.”  

Opposite verdicts for the same reason.  Think about it.  You’re an African American and on the OJ jury.  Everyone “knows” he did it.  You go back into the hood and you voted guilty, you’re a pariah.

That’s California, Los Angeles South Central.  This is Orlando, home of Disney World, and the bottom of the holster that’s attached to the Bible Belt.  Vote “not guilty” in this one, and you’re a pariah, too.

And everyone will know what the jurors did.  Votes in murder cases have to be unanimous.  The trial’s on TV.  And the judge, although a step above Lance Ito of OJ fame, is still a putz.  Belvin Perry (Belvin, not Melvin, word mavens.)  The Hon. Mr. Perry seems a little more in control of his courtroom than did the Hon. Mr. Ito.  But he’s still comes off like a bumbler.  And while he’s more subtle about it, he’s still playing to the cameras.  Like everyone else.

We need a new term for the people who watch this stuff.  Moths to a flame won’t do because some moths are graceful and beautiful and flames are inanimate.   So, how about Tele-maggots.

As they watched and fantasized about OJ, so, now, do they watch and fantasize about Casey.  Both accused need bags over their heads.  Keep people on an even keel.  (If the bag doesn’t fit, you must acquit?”) This is not a way to bring justice to a case.

To some, this post will seem to be arguing for a “not guilty” verdict in the Anthony case.  Not so.  At this point, she sure looks guilty.  But it IS an argument to keep cameras out of the courtroom, an unpopular view among those of us in the news community.

There’s that even keel, again.

Shrapnel (Mormon edition):

--The “Book of Mormon” was Broadway’s Tony Winner this year and it’s crap. But showbiz can get away with it, because “who cares about THOSE people?”  Imagine what would happen if they tried something similar and called it “The Torah” or “The Koran.”  

--There are lots of reasons to not vote for Mitt Romney, but none is because of his religion.  He’s boring, plastic and mostly wrong on the issues.  If Mitt were an Evangelical, people would be falling all over themselves to elect him President.

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