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935 A Long Way From Brooklyn

935  A Long Way From Brooklyn

So, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is for sale.  That’ll teach ‘em.  They never should have left Brooklyn.  It was bad luck.  Sometimes “what goes around comes around” takes a long time.  Maybe the Dodger bankruptcy was the work of the ghosts of that other turncoat team, now known as the San Francisco Giants.

The oldest rivalry in major league baseball, they say.  The Dodgers pre-date the National League of which it is a member.  And the name “Dodgers” comes from the days when people ducked out of the way of trolleys on the streets of Brooklyn.

Anyone got a spare billion to buy these losers?  Actually, yes.  They’re lining up.  How did things get this way?  How did this storied and overrated team get so deep into the hole?

Lousy management = lousy baseball.  Lavish owner lifestyles and overspending.  Stupidity?  

We have long said that when the real contest is in the front office, the team can’t win the game on the field.

So, you want some prime real estate in southern California?  It’s there.  You want a legendary team, the team of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella, Sandy Koufax and Duke Snyder, Don Drysdale and Pee Wee Reese?  Take a number.

Of course, the Dodgers are not the only team in trouble.  There’s the hapless expansion team from Flushing, the New York Mets, created in part to fill the void when the Dodgers and Giants left home for the west coast.

The Mets are in financial hot water, too.  They ran smack into super scammer Bernie Madoff, who made-off with a lot of money the team needed and still needs.  Even though the Mets always have been a clown club there’s some heritage there, too.

Joan Whitney Payson was no one to sneeze at.  Neither was Nelson Doubleday.  Fred Wilpon?  He’s another story.

Maybe Fred and the Dodgers’ Frank McCort can go into partnership.  Try for the hot dog and beer concession at Dodger Stadium and Citi Field.
Meantime, minor league baseball is worth the ticket price.  Especially for teams that aren’t affiliated with Major League Baseball, that aren’t farm clubs for the majors.  Go LI Ducks!


--MS Word still refuses to accept punctuation in its title lines.  Hence, no apostrophes or dashes.  It’s nice to see that they’ve kept something in reserve for the Next Big Revision.

--What’s the most common phrase on shopping television?  “You get...” or “You’ll get.”  You had a nickel for every time anyone says that, you could pay all the bloated shipping and handling charges without noticing.

--A third alleged victim has accused Herman Cain of sexual misconduct.  That’s important but not nearly so much as his misconduct in finance and his idiotic notion that he or anyone else is a “self made man.”  The only self made men are the homeless, and not all of them, either.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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