Wednesday, November 30, 2011

946 Soak the Poor

946 Soak the Poor

These flaming liberals have it all wrong.  Soak the poor, not the rich!  And the old.  Boomers?  Punks, every one of them.  Think the world owes them a living.  And the REAL old?  They’re even worse.

Look at the assets these creeps absorb.  Medicare.  Medicaid.  Social Security.  Disability.  Food stamps!  Pouring money down the sewer.  In the meantime we job creators and hard working small business owners are being pushed around like a bunch of geese by a border collie.

It’s time to stand up for our rights as free Americans!  The poor, the old, the disabled --ingrates--  are stealing from the rest of us.  They don’t understand how much we’ve done for them.  

You say the poor have nothing to tax?  Baloney! Every one of them has hidden assets.  Let them sell their trailers and their assisted living condos or at least stop using subsidized heating fuel. Let ‘em burn grass clippings or leaves if they’re not too lazy to rake them up and save them.  Get their hidden money out of their offshore bank accounts and their bug-infested mattresses.

They have cars and trucks.  Sell ‘em for scrap and let the owners ride the bus and the subway.  Take away their flat screens and sell ‘em.

The homeless?  What’s REALLY in those stolen shopping carts they all seem to push around!  And while we’re at it, let’s sterilize those single mothers.  Sluts!  Can’t keep their legs closed!  They keep pumping out litters for more welfare.

And if you can’t eliminate welfare, tax it, too.

Damned commies!  They’re taking over.

Holiday Season Shopping Tip:

If you’re a CVS customer, be cautious of those “Extra Bucks” deals.  First, ads for products with “Extra Bucks” rebates are misleading if you only glance at them, provoking many to believe advertised prices are lower than they really are.  Second, “Extra Bucks” have short shelf lives, are easy to forget and easy to misplace.
  Third:  If you’re buying a lot of stuff at the same time, split the purchase.  Get the “Extra Bucks” item or items paid for first, and then use the rebates on the rest of the stuff you’re buying.  This doesn’t work for single item purchases.


--When will newspapers learn that no one much cares and fewer are influenced by their endorsements?  Latest example is the recent full-width-front-page editorial in the Manchester NH Union Leader backing Gingrich.  The only New Hampsherites who want Newt are democrats because he’s easier to beat in the general election than Romney will be.

--Ford says it’s ending production of the Crown Victoria sedan, which means every police department still using it will have to look elsewhere.  The Crown Vic had authority; gravitas; the ability to instill fear when you got pulled over. Can you imagine Smokey being as intimidating in, say, a Kia?

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