Friday, August 22, 2014

1373 Dear President Biden

We were pleased to hear of the steps you plan to take in matters like health care, unemployment, the minimum wage, the war in Iraq, the coming war in Iran, the war in Afghanistan, the coming war in Pakistan, the conflict between Israel and its neighbors, global warming, securities fraud unemployment, underemployment and several lesser issues.

As for former President Emeritus Obama… we wish him well in his new job, professor of constitutional law at Harvard. It’s fortunate that the offer came along when it did, else we would still be the international joke we’ve become and the domestic pinball game we were fast becoming.

We long had urged the president to discover his… um… backbone.  And finally he did:  he resigned and handed over the messes he made and the messes Bush-2 made to you.

You’re probably not as smart as he is.  But you have attributes he doesn’t.  First off, you’re not as likely to galvanize the racists who used his skin to stop what little he tried to do.  It was pretty obvious that that was behind the congressional linebackers and their followers’ efforts to make him the least effective president since Carter… maybe since Garfield.

Second, you’re old. So we probably don’t have to worry about having you around all that much longer.

Third -- and most important -- you know how to horse trade.  And horse trading is the secret and devaluated currency of this country.  So, some of those pretty decent Obama ideas?  Maybe you can get them through congress.

Oh, you’re a bit of a bumbler.  And you must be pretty flexible to keep putting your foot in your mouth as often and as well as you do.  But that’s part of your charm.  In fact, it may be ALL of your charm.

But charm is what we need now.  A just- plain- folks kind of guy.  Like Ford who seemed a breath of fresh air after Nixon, the only other president to resign in disgrace.

Speaking of Jerry Ford, please don’t start your first oval office speech by saying “our long national nightmare is over.”  It isn’t.

The people who hated the Obama programs and foreign policy will merely dislike them when they come out of YOUR mouth (in those moments both your feet are on the ground.)

And we wish you continued good health.  The idea of a President Boehner is just too frightening.


--Too many cops in too many places are too well armed and too quick to pull the trigger when lesser use of force will do.  It’s not just Missouri.  It’s everywhere.

--It’s one thing to be outgunned by the bad guys.  But the presence of a tin hat dictator’s armored fighting vehicle on the streets of a small town  -- or even a big city -- is more provocative than helpful. Especially when its overused.

--History didn’t begin in 1985 when the mayor of Philadelphia, Wilson Goode, sent his police helicopter into the sky to bomb a row of houses with C-4 explosive.  Eleven dead, more than 200 homeless and the block destroyed.  And again, we learn … what?... from history.

I’m Wes Richards.  My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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