Monday, August 25, 2014

1374 Self Examination for the Corrupt

Early detection is the gold standard of treatment.  Cancer, Diabetes, many other dread conditions often can be stopped, slowed or even reversed if you catch them early enough.

Same with corruption, also a disease.  So today, we have a tale of two governors one from each major party, with early detection benefits.

Andrew Cuomo, D-NY disbanded an anti corruption commission he created when it started looking into the executive branch.

Rick Perry R-TX vetoed funding under similar circumstances.

(Where’s the little name card that most suspects hold for their mug shots?)

So, one high profile governor from each party is in the hotseat with early detection and early diagnosis.  And neither appears ready to put himself in the hands of a competent medical professional.

Perry has been indicted on charges of abuse of power. This puts his future in doubt.  And a lot of sensible people are thankful.  Perry doesn’t have enough gray matter to contribute 50% of a halfwit.  Cuomo does.  But it doesn’t matter.  Smart arrogant and stupid arrogant still are arrogant.

Aside to Mario Cuomo:  Talk to your kid.  Teach him to respect reality. Teach him how to weasel out of this because he really SHOULD have another term in office.

Aside to Rick:  Game over.  The details of the case against him have to do with his handling of a drunk driving charge against a local district attorney.  The details are unimportant.  What IS important is his mindset.

These are two potential candidates for president.  The problems of one do not cancel out the similar problems of the other.  What they do is further the impression that the political party system as it stands isn’t too steady on its feet.

But not just the impression, the fact.

We deserve better in a president than we’ve had since, say, inauguration day in 1969.

On the bright side, it’s better that we know what we’re dealing with now instead of after the Nixon scandal, the Ford bumbling, the Carter incompetence, the Reagan cheerleading sleepiness, the first Bush wars, the Clinton pants scandal, the other Bush wars and the spineless Obama.

But only slightly better, though maybe we know enough not to give either of these guys a chance at the top job.

Shrapnel (Police weaponry edition):

--Cops used to complain that the bad guys outnumbered and outgunned them. The numbers may still be true.  But thanks to the Pentagon and other arms merchants the outgunned part may not be.

--Attention Police Shoppers!  Your Abrams tank is out of date and France has something better for your riot squad, the AMX 50, which they no longer are using. Probably get one for under ten million, the sticker price on its newer replacement, the AMX 56.

--Unfortunately, the Ukraine-built T-84 s temporarily unavailable at retail since defense forces there have put all available rolling stock into service, anticipating a need as Russian troops gather on the border.  But for smaller US cities, like maybe Ferguson, MO, you might consider Italy’s M13.  Oh, wait… never mind… it’s a Fiat.

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