Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1439 You Can't Avoid the Middle Man

Save time, thought and energy! Have your GPS talk directly to Facebook and Twitter. Completely hands off.  You have to do … absolutely nothing.  It’s all automatic.

Here’s a typical Facebook auto- post:

Janie Glotz is at Fabu Fitness Gym, 5:45am.

Followed by

--Janie is in Fabu Fitness Shower, 6:30am.
--Janie is in her 2011 Honda Accord, 7am.
--Janie is at Dunkin’ Donuts 7:10am.

Think of the typing Janie is going to save and still let all her social media followers know her every move.

--Tommy Winters is bar fighting at the Dew Drop Inn, 11:45pm.
--Tommy has been discharged from Hollow Point Memorial Medical Center prison ward, 12 noon Saturday.

Sometimes, this can be embarrassing.

--Ming Kim Park (with Anna Forbush) drove through a red light at Queens Blvd and 40th St., 9:35 pm.

--Ming Kim Park (with Anna Forbush and Patrolman Arnie Frangapani) at curbside, Queens Blvd and 43rd St., 9:36 pm.


Donald J. Feinstein (with “Brandi”) at the Good Night Hotel (New Rochelle, NY) 10:30 pm.

So, your GPS reports directly to your Facebook page.  Avoids the middleman: you.

But our lives are crowded with middlemen.  That dress or suit you just bought? It went through countless middle stages from cotton or wool to something you can actually wear. The process never happens under just one roof.  The thread, the fabric, the dye, the cutting, the sewing, the finishing are all pass along jobs usually handled by different middlemen.

Same with raw foods, whether meat or vegetable.

The average grocery store runs on a margin of between two and three percent.  Profits to farmers -- even some factory farmers -- range from “negative” to “slim.”  And yet you’re paying a ton of money for a pound of hamburger meat.

The “supply chain” adds cost every step of the way.

Where does the money go?  Who gets how much for what?  Sorry. Trade secrets.

Middlemen could teach the NSA about secrets.  If they report at all, they report with such ferocious obfuscation no ordinary mortal can figure it out.

When H&R Block or Jackson-Hewitt get a call to do taxes for All-American-Facilitators, they call a forensic middleman tax preparer.

Your health insurance is the middleman between you and your doctor.

Some government departments are made of nothing BUT middlemen.

And it’s not just about material goods and services.  What do you think clergymen and women are?

Oh, back to those auto-posts on Facebook: Wes Richards is at the Wessays™ Secret Minimountain Laboratory 6am 1/26/15.


--Most places didn’t get the huge snowstorm forecast for the beginning of the week. But a lot of moving and shaking went on in preparation.  Consider it a practice drill for when the icecap melts and the eastern seaboard decides to move to Indiana.

--On 60 minutes the other day, they asked McConnell and Boehner who hate Obamacare for their alternative. No answer.  So let’s ask again:  So just what do you propose and when will we see the legislation now that y’all are running Congress.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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