Friday, October 09, 2015

1539 Sign Right Here Mrs. Clinton

1539 Sign Right Here Mrs. Clinton

Time for Hillary to sign the pledge.  If Trump can do it, so can she.  Here it is:

I, Hillary Rodham Clinton, seeking the Democratic Party nomination for president, pledge not to run as a third party candidate in the (unlikely) event you (fools) should (idiotically) fail to nominate me (even though it’s my turn.)  I further pledge to support the (obviously inferior) candidate of my party until (s)he’s elected.

Crazy, right?  Never happen that she’d run as an independent or form her own party in the first place.  So no need to sign such a pledge, right? Wrong.

She’s got the money to run “privately,” thus breaking the two party system. And what else is she going to do, go home to Armonk or wherever and actually become the grandma she plays on TV?

About that “two party system.”  It’s really not two parties, it’s one party and two half-parties with the same name, Republican.  One half is totally nuts. The other only mostly nuts.  It’s rare to see the dems as more unified and disciplined than the republicans.  But it’s happening before our very eyes.

So she gets shoved out of the limelight by, say, Bernie or Joe or the other two guys no one can remember (it’s on the tip of my tongue.  Governor… um… governor somebody and… and… that other guy.)  What’s to stop her herd of stupor PACs from channeling all that money into the Rodhamite Party and just continuing her brilliant campaign?

And there’s her personal fortune:  all those advances from publishers for books that no one even claims to have read. And those famously expensive speeches she gives.  Oh, and the foundation.  What’s it doing with all the cash it collected from those suddenly enlightened people and companies with absolutely no need for favors from the Secretary of State?

You’ve gone from coronation and inevitability to likely, to “I’m going to hold my nose and vote for you” in a big hurry.  But that hasn’t dampened your ambition, though it should have.

Both Republican parties hate you.  That’s reason to fight back. But your own party finds you barely tolerable.  And that could mean the next step is an independent candidacy.  If you do it, you’ll help elect some schlub like Fiorina or -- heaven have mercy -- Bush.

Of course, there are those who say Bush has already dropped out, he just doesn’t know it.

So please, Madam Secretary, Madam Senator, Madam First Lady, please sign the pledge and mean it.


--RIP Paul Prudhomme who made Creole food into a national treasure and who died yesterday at age 75 of a brief but unspecified illness.  With all his fame and fortune, he never lost his bayou country charm and earthy enthusiasm.  And although he never made a penny from it, he was probably also the man who made electric mobility scooters popular.

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